Benedict Cumberbatch's 'Sherlock' Has a Manga and It's Coming to the U.S.

This June, Titan Comics will release the adaptation for Tumblr users in the states.

Titan Comics, Kadokawa Comics

For tween girls who love Sherlock, the game is on.

Titan Comics announced during Portland’s ComicsPRO it will import the Japanese manga based on the BBC show Sherlock, which stars Martin Freeman and Benedict “Doctor Strange” Cumberbatch.

Titled A Study in Pink, the manga is an adaptation of the show’s first episode which shares its name and sports illustrations by Japanese artist Jay. The book will be translated into English and available officially in the U.S. since its original publication in Japan in 2010.

That sound you hear are the legions of Sherlock fans — or more specifically Cumberbitches — having their moment. Manga, which scores huge in the preteen girl demo, intersects strongly with Tumblr users — of which a significant portion are straight up Sherlock fans. If only Arthur Conan Doyle could see that his literary creation would a century later spawn loads of amateur homoerotic fiction written by the armada of teenaged fans. At least the creator of My Little Pony lived to see the rise of the Brony phenomenon. (And for that I feel so sorry for her.)

Because Sherlock won’t return until 2017, this glossy Japanese comic with an alien-fused Benedict Cumberbatch is the only Sherlock fix fans might have until the show’s fourth season.