The Hairstyles of 'Vikings' Have Earned These Comprehensive Rankings

Ragnar's head tattoos. Lagertha's braids. Rollo's Season 4 look. We're about to wig out here.

Vikings is a show filled with epic battles, epic Ragnar eye rolls, and even more epic hairstyles. Throughout its three-seasons-and-change run, it has graced network TV with the most unique, ridiculous, badass, and just plain strange hairstyles in memory. Here’s your comprehensive ranking, taking all seasons into account.

9. Rollo Season 4

Rollo’s Season 4 hair is at the bottom at the list as the lamest for two reasons: The first being that it’s his, “Fuck you, Ragnar and Northmen, I’m French now!” hair, which is uncool of him. The second is that it makes Rollo, a fierce Viking warrior who Hulks his way through battles and beasts his way over giant spiked wheels, look like a young James Taylor. Not that there’s anything wrong with James Taylor, but soothing “Fire and Rain” isn’t really Rollo’s vibe.

8. Aslaug

Aslaug has perfectly nice hair, but it’s also fairly generic, vaguely Medieval era woman-hair. Much like everything else about Aslaug, it pales in comparison to Lagertha and her battle braids.

7. Kalf

Like Aslaug, Kalf has perfectly nice hair if you saw him as a random swordsman on Game of Thrones or if you saw him in a Brooklyn bar. But as a wannabe-Viking warlord, not to mention a consort to Lagertha, it’s not quite up to snuff.

6. Rollo Seasons 1-3

Like Aslaug, Rollo’s coif is fairly average “man in period show” fare. However, it blows behind him dramatically like his own personal flag when he improbably yet entertainingly executes 20-meter leaps on the battlefield or hilariously dodges baptism rituals, so we’ll give him that.

5. Ragnar Season 4

Ragnar’s shaved head almost takes him out of consideration, but it reveals his epic scalp-tattoos in full, so we’ll give him the head-tat points.

4. Bjorn Season 4

Although we miss Ragnar’s Season 1 and 2 shaved top-ponytail, it looks like Bjorn is carrying that torch forward. It marks a welcome, mature turn for Bjorn’s character and gives us throwback nostalgia for early Ragnar.

3. Lagertha’s everyday hair

Lagertha’s hair is glorious to behold. It’s epic when she’s spending time with her son; it’s great when she’s whispering sweet nothings to her not-dead ex-husband’s coffin while he awkwardly listens; and it’s on-point when she’s splattered in dick-blood after castrating her enemy.

2. Lagertha’s battle hair

Lagertha’s hair is especially great when it’s accompanied by some ass-kicking and a shield wall. It’s so glorious that she makes the list twice.

1. Ragnar in Seasons 1 and 2

Ragnar’s head-shaved ponytail braid, RIP, reigns triumphant. It was just the right mixture of badass and ridiculous-looking. It signified that we’re being introduced into a foreign culture and that our protagonist is cool enough to pull off a look that could be seriously silly on anyone else. And you know what? He was.

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