In 'Suicide Squad' Rick Flagg Is Secretly the Villain

Forget the Joker or the Enchantress: It's the deceptively square Rick Flagg you've got to watch out for.

So far Suicide Squad has been mum on revealing its villain, but astute screenshotting of the latest trailer reveals that the probable villain is not Jared Leto’s Joker but Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress. The Worst Heroes Ever will band together on their suicide mission to stop her, led by the stalwart and perpetually unimpressed Rick Flagg.

Flagg seems like a straight-laced G.I. Joe type who will fade into the background against the insane and colorful antics of his comrades: After all, how captivating can an army square be when he’s sharing the screen with Harley Quinn or even the surprisingly trailer-stealing Captain Boomerang?

But Flagg might prove to be far more important than he seems. First of all, the role was originally supposed to be played by Tom Hardy, and since when has anyone cast him in a milquetoast nothing-burger role? It doesn’t happen. The fact that he stepped out doesn’t change the part — especially since Joel Kinnaman has a similar weird, unpredictable energy. He’s no Sam Worthington, even though the role deceptively seems like it on the surface. And a moment from the trailer proves it.

As Flagg’s voice helpfully introduces each Worst Hero Ever, he says, “This guy burns people” about El Diablo, “He shoots people” about Deadshot, and “You’re possessed by a witch,” about June Moone, aka the Enchantress. Hold on. Hit the pause button. “This guy, he” … and then “You’re?”

Flagg isn’t just saying this for the sake of helpful trailer narration, he’s spilling it to the Enchantress! While looking awfully cozy with her to boot. That doesn’t add up to him being a square military man set on wrangling this squad against her.

Either he’s under her spell, or they’re secretly in cahoots and Ricky Rick has a hidden agenda. Whatever the case may be, you might be excited for the Joker and Harley Quinn, which is understandable. But don’t bet against Rick Flagg. Among all the crazy characters, it’s a clean-cut exasperated bureaucrat who just might prove to be the biggest wildcard.

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