The Rock Is About to Get Naked on 'Ballers'

Dwayne Johnson reveals nudity waiver on Instagram with a lot of emojis.

HBO’s series Ballers is entering the second season of the show, which as you know, focuses on something in the sports world and also some other stuff in the sports-business world, but is mainly a vehicle for the Rock to wear suits.

Here, in a bit of excellent marketing for some audiences that certainly had no idea Ballers existed, is Dwayne making the semi-announcement that we’ll see his “ballers” this season.

Posted to Instagram this morning, the Rock shares his “Nuidity” Waiver (sic) — that typo is just goddamn cute. Dwayne also shares the phrase: “We have an old southern saying, “the gravy is always free, but you gotta pay for the pork chop.’ Wait what??”

And we agree. Wait, what??

The first season of the HBO show made liberal use of female nudity, so having a guy in there is a great offset.

The Duplass Brothers made a rule for their show Togetherness (also on HBO, also probably unseen by most people) that any use of female nudity has to be offset by the use of male nudity, to keep things balanced. Jay has also mentioned in interviews that everyone does nudity very honestly, so no one is allowed to “do a week of kale smoothies before a nude scene.”

Dwayne is using Instagram to disseminate a lot of information these days. He posted his utterly insane shooting schedule for the year next to a work-out photo.

Makes me long for the days of Courtney Love MySpace posts.

I’d probably use this opportunity to embed a trailer for Ballers, but our site’s resident wrestling fan claims you’ll enjoy this more:

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