Watch Some Russians Drive an Insane New Apocalypse-Ready Vehicle

Trust the Russians to be ready for the end times.


This is the SHERP. It’s here to drive over everything and chew bubblegum, and the guys who built it are all out of bubblegum.

Have you ever looked at some foreign, rugged, inhospitable terrain and thought “boy, it would be nice if I could drive across that”? Because a group of Russians, led by “genius technologist” Aleksey Garagashyan thought that, and then they built this thing.

The SHERP costs $65,000, which if you think about it is a tiny price to pay for the unholy mutant baby of a monster truck and a tank. For that price, you get a 3,000 pound vehicle with a 44-horsepower 1.5-liter Kubota diesel engine that can go 28 miles per hour and hop over obstacles of almost 5 feet. Oh yeah, and it can also drive on pretty much everything.

Land? Of course.

Never walk up a hill again.


Snow? It’s Russia. Yes, it can drive on snow. Buy one before the next Snowmageddon hits.

Snowshoes are for boring people.


Ice? Very fragile, probably-shouldn’t-drive-a-car-on-it-ice? Yeah, not a problem, because it drives on water too.

It turns out boats are also for boring people.


Lava? Well, no. The SHERP’s tires are self-inflating, but they would probably melt on lava. Don’t try to drive on lava, even if you have a SHERP.

The SHERP comes as either a hard-top or soft-top, just in case you want to take the roof down and enjoy a nice breeze while you’re rampaging through the devastated wastelands of the apocalypse or taking a nice leisurely drive across a major river. Yes, it’s essentially just a giant steel box with an engine inside powering four enormous wheels, but the light weight and skid-steer system mean it does donuts as well as anything we’ve seen since that self-driving DeLorean from October. Check out the full video of the SHERP in action here:

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