The 12 Greatest Burns From Ghostface Killah's New Martin Shkreli Diss Video

"Are you on Ritalin or something?" the Wu-Tang rapper asks of his "pharma bro" nemesis.


Wu-Tang Clan rapper and hip-hop icon Ghostface Killah has responded to Martin Shkreli’s insult video of the week before with his own, nearly-12-minute-long clip.

In the video, Ghostface focuses mostly on Shkreli’s most notorious business practice — namely, raising the price of HIV drug Daraprim to over $700 a pill. While the video starts out with Ghostface responding directly to Shkreli’s threats towards him, and mocking his “goons” and his appearance, eventually the video takes a more serious turn. Ghostface’s sister and mother appear to tell off Shkreli (along with an unnamed friend of theirs) and espouse the virtues of Ghostface’s brand of medical marijuana oil and vape products. Ultimately, the video finds Ghostface’s sister in tears, railing out against Shkreli and showing a scar from brain surgery she underwent. It’s truly a rollercoaster of a clip, but if anything can put Shkreli in his place in terms of his cultivated media persona, it’s this clip.

“Snap/Krackle/Pop… Rice Krispie Gang”

In a photoshopped still from Shkreli’s diss video, Ghostface and perhaps his production team mock the corniness of the antics of Shkreli’s ski-masked cronies.

“PeeWee Shkreli”

Ghostface points out, as he did in the TMZ videos which prompted Shkreli to respond, a resemblance he sees between the former pharma figurehead and Paul Reubens’ famous character.

“So I’m a washed-up rapper but you just bought a washed-up rapper’s album for two million. Who’s washed up now?”

If anything’s been proven by Shkreli’s statements, he’s just after the power and glory. But Ghostface points out that spending that kind of cash on a “washed-up rapper’s” album makes Shkreli look like a clown. Ghost face must not really be “washed-up,” then.

“Was he jumping rope as a child?…Where’d you go wrong at?”

This comes around the time Ghostface launches into talking about the Daraprim pill and AIDS patients. Where did this smirking, unrepentant Twitter-marketed sociopath come from? Ghostface asks, rhetorically.

Ghostface’s sister: “Look, Martin, if you was my son, I’d whoop your ass.”

This is the main angle after Ghostface’s mom, sister, and their friend appear, in custom-made anti-Shkreli Wu-Tang shirts.

Ghost’s sister: “He got the CBD oil, you hiking up pills 700 bucks?”

Implication: Ghostface’s medical weed products do something to help people; Shkreli should be digging graves.

Ghostface’s mom: “You wicked boy!”


Unidentified lady: “They took you away in handcuffs, because that would be considered insider trading on the hedge fund side of it.”

A brief explainer, and mocking Shkreli for his public shaming.

Ghost: “The world right now — they’re not feelin’ you.”

This is perhaps the ultimate insult: “Everyone hates you, Shkreli. Stop.”

“I’m the ghost. .. but you’re the real killa. Because you’re out there killin’ these babies that need that, these old women and men … “

Extrapolating effectively on an earlier point. Ghost then calls him “devil in the flash” challenging “Tony Starks,” Ghostface’s alter ego and nickname for much of his rap career.

Ghostface’s sister “What is your mother thinking of you? … Tell him to stop fucking people over and being greedy.”

On whose watch did “Martin Shkreli” the super-villain happen?

Ghost’s sister: “You so bad, and what you doing is evil.”

Forceful reiteration.