William Shatner Live-Tweeted 'The X-Files' and 'The Magicians' Last Night

Tweeting about television is the real final frontier.

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The stars, they’re just like us. And just like us plebes who have nothing to do on a Monday night they watch hours of television instead of cozying up with a good book or tidying up a bit around the house or getting ready for work the next day. But with hundreds — maybe thousands — of television programming options to choose from, it’s a tough call on how to spend that precious time. Stars like William Shatner, appropriately enough, chose a solid two-hour block of sci-fi, and he even live-tweeted what he saw.

Specifically, Captain Kirk himself tuned in to the resurrected mini-season of The X-Files at 8:00 ET (7:00 C), and then breezed on over to Syfy to check out what the kids are into these days by catching the fourth episode of The Magicians. It was a good one to watch, but hopefully @WilliamShatner has been keeping up with the show before that. Otherwise he’d be hopelessly lost. In fact, most of his tweets seemed like he was a bit perplexed about all the magical shenanigans that the show’s characters were up to. But it seemed like he was into what he saw.

Here are some of the highlights of Shatner’s Monday night.

Just letting his two million Twitter followers know what last night’s entertainment would be.

But then he realized the error of his ways to fix what the “hashtags is.”

He even invited others to join him:

Aren’t we all, William, aren’t we all?

If you say so.

Hopefully William Shatner is okay. Don’t want him having any bad dreams.

Shatner getting philosophical.

Shatner (and the TV show) has great musical preferences.

Sorry Bill, don’t mean to nitpick, but it’s “Quentin.”

Shatner getting even more philosophical.

No William, thank you.

Shatner is no stranger to live-tweeting TV shows. In fact, in 2014 he said the reason he specifically live-tweeted shows on TV network The CW was because “The CW seems to be the last bastion of SciFi on TV.” Maybe now that he’s a fan of The Magicians he’ll realize Syfy is probably the last bastion of sci-fi on TV.

Shatner’s praise and viewing habits weren’t lost on the show’s creators. They sent their kudos in a series of tweets of their own.

The Magicians just got picked up for a second season, so here’s hoping it will live long and prosper. Be sure to be like Shatner and tune into the show every Monday on Syfy.