37 Possible Titles for Kanye West's New Album

@kanyewest, we figured out what 'T.L.O.P.' stands for! Give us free Yeezy Season 3, you riddler you!

Kanye West Twitter

There’s a new complication regarding Kanye Album Title-gate. Following Kim Kardashian asking the internet to vote on their favorite of the proposed titles for the project — which is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, and presumably drop officially on Friday — Kanye took to Twitter to propose a new challenge to fans.

This is getting tiring, and trying to parse out possibilities for that acronym is a good way to waste a couple of hours. We’ve seen plenty of idiomatic suggestions on Twitter:

But is Kanye really one to play it that safe? One would hope there’s a little more to the puzzle. Here are some possible guesses Inverse would like to submit for consideration. If it isn’t currently one of these, @kanyewest, you might be tempted to reconsider: There are some pretty strong concepts here. Maybe just go ahead and re-record the album accordingly.

  • The Lampposts of Piccadilly
  • The Lone Obstetrician (in) Plano
  • The Liberation of Petrograd
  • Two Lil’ Ol’ Percocets
  • Twerk, Ladies of Pasadena
  • The Life of Pi
  • To LARP on Purpose
  • To Lurk on Pinterest
  • To Loop on Periscope
  • The Lingering Otter Problem
  • The Local Otter Plague
  • Tao Lin’s “Otter Paradox”
  • The Linkin of Park
  • Toodles, Lester Old Pal
  • Twizzlers (are) Licorice, Oliver Platt
  • The Last Operative Principle
  • Taylor Lautner, on Principle
  • Tommy Lee on Parole
  • The Life (of) Octavio Paz
  • Twenty Leagues of Pufferfish
  • The Leo Oscar Predictions
  • The Lucas Ocampos Project
  • Turbulence Lurchin’ Our Plane
  • The Louvre … Oh, Paris!
  • (For) the Love of Pan
  • Total Lysergic Oblivion, Playaaaa
  • Tokin’ Like ’03 Phish
  • Tau Lambda Omega, Pussies
  • Tupac Lives on Pluto
  • The Loneliness of Perfection
  • Total Loss of Privacy
  • (Grrr,) Them Little Ornery Pissants (Chewed Up All the Corn. I’m Gittin’ My Rifle, Livonia, You Stay Inside)
  • Tidal Lost Only Payingcustomer
  • Tommy Lasorda (is) Opening (for) Plies