'Agent Carter' Season 2 Fashion Is Knocking It Out of the Park

Moving to L.A. and moving into brighter colors in Season 2.

As Inverse readers know, we are stoked on this Atomic Age of Agent Carter. The show is taking some weird twists in setting up its new supervillain and an overwrought conspiracy, but it is knocking the style out of the park. Peggy has ditched her red hat-blue suit combo from last season in favor of a series of bright, relaxed outfits that are more suited to her West Coast life.

Here’s every outfit from the show so far, and a dude who knows nothing about fashion attempting to explain why it is cool.

Maybe this has nothing to do with the outfit, but Peggy stepping off the plane in L.A. is one of the first times we’ve ever seen her smile on the show without it being some kind of spy trickery. She also could just be thrilled about that belt. Hell of a belt. Always match your belt to your companion’s umbrella: That’s some fashion advice I’m sure I learned from Doctor Who.

Race track style is something I know a little about. This is absolutely wrong. The hat should be four times the size and everything should be white. His outfit gets closer, but the outfit isn’t complete unless you’re double-fisting Derby-style fresh-pressed mint juleps. Get your head in the game, Marvel.

This is the same outfit as before, but it looks better because it is very dark in this room. Also, no need for hats in science labs, so there you go.

This is a fencing outfit — oh, butts. Never mind. Screen-capped just a hell of a butt shot here. Mr. Jarvis, well done.

Now that’s a fencing outfit. You’ll notice the arms are green to match the foliage, while the rest of it is not green, so you don’t lose Peggy in the foliage. Classic sword-fighting stuff right here. Just like in Cosmo.

Mrs. Jarvis has a flower theme throughout the season, which is good because it distracts from her accent, which was developed in Holland by evil scientists as a ploy to cause me physical pain every time I hear it. This face sums up everything I feel about the character quite nicely. Also: pearls.

This is an aqua blue top and I like it because that’s my favorite color. It reminds me of an aquarium and I find fish to be very peaceful. Also, the Jarvises have a portrait of Howard Stark in their living room? That’s a weird choice. You’re his servants, I think you know what he looks like. Howard Stark matches the chairs, though, so well designed room, Jarvises. Jarvii? Jarvises.

Peggy puttin’ on some night moooooves. This elaborate number is what she wore to run away from bullets for, like, seven minutes straight. I assume the fringe is bullet-proof.

This Palm Springs-style crying jacket caries a mix of Asian and cheap influences. The perfect crying jacket for accidentally getting your new boyfriend sucked into an alternate dimension. Not sure “peach” is Peggy’s color though.

The green and purple alternations are an excellent riff on last season’s blue and red, but for how much time Peggy spends standing in the shadows now, it just makes her look like a floating head. Again, I think all-white like a ’90s hip-hop video is the way to go here. Not time period appropriate, but I could at least see the star of your show.

This is the costume for the extended sequence where Peggy Carter crawls around on her hands and knees underneath tables. ABC, I see why you’ve rebranded. We can all tell what you’re trying to do here and it won’t work.

Frost keeps working in these very conservative outfits, which seems odd since she’s positioned as this glamorous actress. Her husband keeps using her as arm candy for photos, but she’s gone too “housewife” to sell “housewife.” I can only hope when she goes full-on evil the dynamic includes a very over-the-top visual makeover.

One of the few times Peggy Carter looks dressed to do science at the science place. You can get a stain on that outfit and just throw it away — no one will miss it.

Pre-Agent Peggy was a Bletchley Park code-breaker who comes off a lot more unhinged with what’s going on in that hair. Did everyone in the past wear pearls at all times? Did I miss this?

Yeah, right. Ain’t no man gonna tie down Peggy Carter. This flashback sequence shows our faire maiden as close to hitched as she’ll ever be, so while it’s a total bummer, at least it’s adorable. I’m not even going to pretend I can joke about time-period wedding fashion. So let’s leave it at: this is great.

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