New 'Doom' Campaign Trailer Tears Your Nostalgia in Half

Your early 'Doom' memories will look innocent now.


What do you remember about Doom? Shotguns and demons, probably? A lot of pixelated blood? Chainsaws? That’s cute. Bethesda Softworks and iD Software are working on a new Doom, if you haven’t heard, simply titled Doom, and it’s a giant, bloody middle finger to whatever you previously thought Doom was about.

Sure, the new affair is still bloody and it’s still demons from hell and it’s still about reloading lots of shotguns. But video games have, technically speaking, gotten a bit sophisticated over the years — just a bit — and now Doom is capable of being the actual war from hell you thought it was.

Seriously, the original PC version is beginning to look like a Kidz Bop rendition compared to all the eye-gouging, spine-ripping, and fully-rendered chainsaw slicing you thought you were doing in 1993.

I can’t speak too much about the gameplay after playing through the closed beta awhile back, but I can say Doom has appropriately evolved with the times. It’s still puerile and juvenile in its heavy-metal aesthetics, but mechanically it’s pretty on par to Destiny and Halo 5.

The new game releases worldwide May 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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