'Mirror's Edge Catalyst' Story Trailer Proves It's More Than a Sleek Update

'Mirror's Edge' is running back, and the story's trailer shows some of its new tricks.

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The first-person parkour game Mirror’s Edge was a fascinating experiment back in 2008. Now, eight years later, EA DICE has announced a total reboot, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Though the story remains pretty much the same, Catalyst is promising full cutscenes and a more satisfying story, complete with new missions that go beyond running a lot. Because, let’s be honest, that’s all you really did in Mirror’s Edge, no matter how much fun it was.

Ditching the original’s animated cutscenes, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst improves upon the first game with motion captured cutscenes that appear to use the game’s engine. We’re also getting, you know, more story, with insight into Faith’s background and family history. Hopefully, it’ll be more satisfying than the original’s very weak anti-corporate story about some generic rebel who just so happened not to be a white dude this time.

In addition, the trailer is showing how much better the current generation consoles are over last-gen. Faith’s hair flows, as do flapping hoodie drawstrings, which are no longer stuck on the jacket. Way to go, EA, you’ve brought us into the future.

It’s unknown if Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will reuse any of the game’s original techno/pop ballad soundtracks, but hearing those “bleep boops” is really inspiring me to run back to my Xbox 360 and play the first game again.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will run onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin on PC.

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