Nevermind, Apple Is More Valuable Than Google and Alphabet Again

A day of trading means Apple is back on top.

Earlier this week, Alphabet — Google’s parent company — became the most valuable company in the world, surpassing Apple. It didn’t last long; after trading yesterday, Google was down 4.93% and Apple was up 1.98%, a drastic enough change to shift the two company’s valuations.

While Apple and Google will probably flip flop in the future, it might be awhile before Alphabet gets back to #1. Google getting the top spot in the first place was due to 4Q earnings, and given that we just started a new quarter, there won’t be a dramatic market reaction until at least March, when Apple begins unveiling new products like the rumored game-changing iPhone 7. But even then it might take the market a moment to react.

So yeah, meet the new gods, same as the old … you get the picture. At any rate, the March event could be a huge moment for Apple; they gotta win their millenials back!

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