'Deadpool' Director Tim Miller Hints That It’s the Anti-Marvel Movie

Miller threw some shade in an IMAX featurette about his new movie.

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With the February 12 release date for Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming anti-superhero movie Deadpool looming, a new featurette about it from the fine purveyors of enormous film formats, IMAX, has popped up on YouTube.

The clip features Deadpool director Tim Miller talking about what it means to have his movie play in the biggest version of action cinema imaginable across the country, and Miller even took a few passive aggressive jabs at the venerated Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Comic books are sort of the perfect medium for epic storytelling,” said Miller “And IMAX is all about epic film presentation. So, you bring those two things together and you’ve got epic squared. It’s a great way to see them come to life…I couldn’t be more proud of the work that everybody put into it. It’s a great honor to do a movie and to have millions of people around the world see it. But to see it in IMAX, which is this premiere format, it just doesn’t get any better than that.”

Sure, yeah, but do we really need to see Deadpool in IMAX? How “epic” can it be?

But the real meat and potatoes of the clip comes when Miller also explains how Deadpool differs in tone from the more polished Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

“It’s the perfect contrast to the shinier sides of the Marvel universe,” Miller explains. “Deadpool is a very grounded comic book hero…his life is not filled with chrome and fast jets.”

He could be talking about the X-Men movies, but we’re wont to believe he’s taking a dig at the vaunted MCU. Like the X-Men franchise, the rights to the Deadpool movie are owned by 20th Century Fox, and not Marvel Studios. So you won’t see Deadpool hanging out with Iron Man or Captain America anytime soon.

What do we think of Miller throwing shade at the more successful MCU? Is it just a marketing move to separate his hard R-rated movie from the Avengers, or does he really not give a shit about Marvel’s merry band of moneymaking heroes?

Decided for yourself before Deadpool hits theaters later this month.

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