Watch as Lightning Strikes 65 Feet From the Camera in Australia

Experience the power of lightning up close with this crazy video. 


Five hours ago, Redditor Sailorjerry95 uploaded a seemingly innocent video called “Two men stand 20m away from a lightning strike, react accordingly.”

OK, so you’re thinking, that’s not even that close, right? Well, apparently, according to this video, 20 meters or approximately 65 feet is close enough to feel it. Or at least that’s what one of the mystery dudes in this clip yells (“I felt it!”) after a humongous bolt of thick-ass lightning strikes nearby water in a burst of light and core-shaking power. The video is blowing up with tens of thousands watching it right now.

We reached out to Sailorjerry95 — Does he like rum or tattoos? Was he born in ‘95? — we’ll maybe never know because he has yet to respond. We wanted to know where the hell this is and why they were filming in the first place? It seems like the storm was on its way in, maybe with a tornado coming? And they sound like Aussies, so let’s just assume.

Redditors are commenting like crazy too.

Not sure if this is some dark joke, but since we’re talking Reddit and the bolt doesn’t look like it struck anyone, let’s just say it’s a rotten string of creepy comments.

Oh, Reddit. You so not funny.