The Internet Finally Gets a Look at Reddit's Upcoming Android App

"Trusted Tester Terms" have kept the highly anticipated app under wraps.

First teased in September 2015, Reddit’s highly-awaited Android app has launched to a small batch of beta testers. There’s not much public info available on the Android app, as it is a closed beta program and its participants are subject to “Trusted Tester Terms” that subject its users to some tight confidentiality requirements in order to use the app. They’re not allowed to talk about any of its features until the app is formally released, but as you might expect, the internet loves to leak.

The app’s Android file was put online and shared. Even though it was quickly removed, the damage was done. The general public now has more than a peek at the app, with screenshots of the restricted app now easy to find.

The app appears to bring the whole suite of Reddit functionality to your Android device, including customizing your personal front page, navigating through various subreddits, even editing subreddits that you have admin access to. And of course, you can upvote, downvote, and submit links.

There’s a night mode, a compact view, and even the option to blur NSFW posts. (But if you blur those posts, you won’t be able to see them, you smutlord.) The reviews are rather unanimously positive; it’s a well-polished app that represents a big step forward for Reddit.

An iOS version of the app is expected to be on the way after the formal release of the Android app. There’s no word yet on when that’ll be.