Wu-Tang, the Weeknd, Willie Nelson All Have Branded Weed Products. You Should Too.

Hip-hop, rap, and EDM artists are using cannabis products to strengthen their personal brands.

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Artists in rap and hip-hop have been embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors to supplement their public images for a long time. Shoe brands, clothing lines, fragrances, books, alcoholic drinks, and several other kinds of business partnerships have arisen out of these efforts to strengthen a personal brand and broaden an artist’s reach. For an artist, branching out into the business world, when their musical influence is already felt and burgeoning, can be an effective way to assert influence in any given cultural moment. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot more of one specific kind of business venture, one that has to do with everyone’s favorite thing: weed.

As the social climate surrounding weed consumption becomes increasingly relaxed, more people seem to be consuming cannabis products in general. Some state governments have moved forward with weed legalization and others have introduced medical marijuana and decriminalized its use. As a result, people aren’t only indulging more freely but they’re also looking for new ways to get high. That’s why innovative cannabis products like weed-infused beverages, delicious new edibles, and luxurious vaporizers have been popping up all over. For example, the state of Colorado made around $125 mil in tax revenues, triple the 2014 total. When you apply this gradual yet apparent change in attitudes surrounding the dankness to artists within the rap, hip-hop, and EDM industries — three genres of music that often glorify weed smoking — it follows that artists within these genres are aiming their entrepreneurial endeavors at the people who are consuming that good good.

We’ve arrived at a special time in pop culture where there’s a plethora of artist-endorsed options flooding the market. To help you out a bit, we’ve rounded up all your favorite celebrity-curated weed products and brands.

Leafs by Snoop

When everyone’s favorite sinewy stoner Snoop Dogg announced Leafs by Snoop, he became the first major celebrity to announce a personally-branded collection of cannabis goodies. The collection includes several types of cannabis products - flowers (regular weed), shatter (concentrates or wax), and edibles — available in more than half a dozen flavors and strains. After so many years of publicly advocating marijuana and being high literally all the time, the Long Beach rapper launched Leafs by Snoops, to no one’s surprise.

On the official website for Leafs by Snoop, a brief note from the Dogg himself states: “Wherever my musical journey has taken me around the world, it’s beautiful to see how chronic leafs are a common source of peace, love, and soul that connects us all. Let’s medicate, elevate, and put it in the air!” Unfortunately, the Leafs by Snoop products are only available in Colorado, where recreational marijuana use is legal. The good news is that if you visit Colorado, you are likely to come across the brand since there are 19 different dispensaries selling the products.

The Madness Tour Limited Edition PAX 2 by The Weeknd

If by any chance you showed up to The Weeknd’s show without anything to vape out of, you’re in luck. You can head over to his merch table and pick up a limited edition PAX 2, the product created from The Weeknd’s partnership with popular vape brand PAX for his Beauty Behind the Madness Tour. You can also order it online here. It’ll cost you $324.99, but the sleek black product features a yellow inscription of The Weeknd’s signature “XO” logo and, in general, promotes a smoke-less way to get high. Also, the song “The Hills” plays as you power on, so you can get “fucked up” and become the real you. The collaboration marks the first time PAX has partnered with a celebrity, marking what is bound to be a tremendously lucrative deal, given The Weeknd’s current success.

Deviating from the rap and hip-hop communities for a quick second, we arrive in the EDM scene, where consuming weed is also popular. That brings us to a new EDM-related vape pen by Flosstradamus — the duo consisting of DJs J2K and Autobot — and SOURCE vapes: the orb XL vape pen. According to the SOURCE website, the orb XL vape pen includes the world’s first Grade 1 Titanium (Gr1) Quartz Triple Coil and can hold up to one gram of wax, which is a lot. On top of that, the sleek design boasts maximum airflow by way of an advanced variable airflow system and huge power with a 30w Sub-Ohm battery.

Willie’s Reserve by Willie Nelson

Although he is a total anomaly in comparison to the other artists on this list, Willie Nelson, the Texas-born, 82-year-old country star whose career has been colored by his strong advocacy for marijuana legalization and consumption, is in charge of his own brand of weed products called Willie’s Reserve. Marketed as a “connoisseur brand” with an emphasis on freedom and an all-encompassing love for music, Willie’s Reserve is a collection of Nelson’s favorite, most delectable strains of weed sold in “Colorado, Washington, and everywhere voters say yes.”