How Aquaman Will Connect 'Suicide Squad' to 'Batman v Superman' 

Jason Momoa's merman and Amanda Waller are the answer. 

Jason Momoa is the future of the DC Cinematic Universe, mostly because he’s the only one who can make a glorified merman cool. But he’s also the future because Aquaman might provide the necessary link between Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

As of now, details are sparse about how DC’s first big group effort, Suicide Squad, will connect to the rest of its movies. This matters because, as of now, it makes the DC Cinematic Universe far less accessible to both comic aficionados and newbies than the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But one fan theory proposes that Amanda Waller, the Suicide Squad mastermind portrayed by Viola Davis in the film, has Aquaman’s trident in her trophy case.

According to a rumor, Aquaman’s role in Batman v Superman might further confirm that Waller has Aquaman imprisoned. According to CinemaBlend, Batman will see the hero “held prisoner in a containment chamber, where we see his hand slap against the glass.”

Rumors or not, multiple sources seem to agree that there’s a link between Aquaman and Amanda Waller, and it’s a nefarious one. This shows two important things. Firstly, forget the Joker being the biggest wildcard in Suicide Squad; Waller has some serious balls to try to imprison this guy. We are rational people who realize Khal Drogo was just one character and Jason Momoa isn’t Drogo forever, but let’s be real, yes he is.

But also, it shows that Suicide Squad’s biggest curveball isn’t Batman or even the Enchantress — it’s the guys swimming around the lower levels of the prison while everyone’s attention is elsewhere. Aquaman will be the missing link that connects these two movies long before he gets his own starring role in 2018.

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