Watch This Film Shot on a Toyota Prius Backup Camera

Shooting a movie on an iPhone has met its (spoofy) match. Comedy

Once you become an auteur, you get to shoot your vision in exotic or dying film formats — see Quentin Tarantino’s 70mm dreams of The Hateful Eight. Director Mateo St. Portugal might not be a “real person” like Tarantino, but he certainly apes auteurial quirks realistically enough, shooting an entire film via the backup camera of a Toyota Prius.

If it’s true that this short is purposefully ridiculous — it’s the creation of comedians Andrew Heder and Ryan Kelly — it’s also true that 2015 Sundance darling Tangerine was shot on an iPhone. An iPhone too mundane? Films shot completely by drone are a thing, too. The camera crews of the future are coming, and you’d better stay out of the way.