Fan-Made 'Deadpool' Trailer Edited as a Romantic Drama Gets 'A' for Effort

But it's as sloppy as a 'Deadpool' decapitation.

A fake trailer that promotes Deadpool as a sappy romantic drama is so in-line with the comic character’s jokester personality you would think 20th Century Fox would have already done it. Yet here we are, less than a month from release and there’s only a pretty cute spoof poster some dudes are “cleverly” tricking their girlfriends into seeing. Expect a lot of break-ups next month.

But one fan has picked up Fox’s slack. YouTube user Antony Marchiando made a Deadpool trailer that reframes the violent, R-rated Marvel movie into an Oscar-bait rom-drama. Total A+ for idea, but in execution? Just a C, my friend. Sorry.

I get that 20th Century Fox made it difficult to work around the thumping music underneath the dialogue, but therein lies the power of editing: It’s an obstacle to work around, not cover up like a Band-Aid. Also, film is synergy of image and sound. I can’t buy into this trailer when Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin are bumping uglies in the hilariously pornographic way Deadpool shot it, which is not how any drama shoots sex. It’s dissonant and falls apart.

But I love the idea. Would be great if someone could take advantage of Ryan Reynolds’ dozens of romantic comedies and made a Deadpool trailer out of that. I would totally use that to fool my girlfriend.

Actually, let me do that. Check back here in a little bit to see what I’ve cooked up. Meanwhile, Deadpool releases February 12 and you can watch the real trailer here.