Watch Yet Another Hoverboard Explode on Camera

This one burned up before its maiden hover.

We know why hoverboards explode, but that hasn’t stopped it from happening, and a new video shows just how quickly and violently these things go up in flames when powered by a cheaply made, dangerous battery.

Uploaded by BuleBritish, a YouTube user whose mission is to “explore Indonesia through the perspective of a foreigner,” writes that he was “trying to tilt it forward to start it moving but nothing was happening. It seemed to be dead.”

“I thought I must be doing it wrong. I will keep trying,” he writes in the YouTube video.

Then it explodes in a burst of flame and he says off camera, “What the hell? Jeeeesus Christ.” He then cooly walks over and pours water over the still-smoking hoverboard from a tea kettle.

“Well no wonder you’re not allowed with them on flights, Jesus Christ,” he says before pouring a little more water on the thing. “You can see that, I think it’s still on fire in there, it’s uh, smoldering. Basically this is brand-new, I’ve just charged it last night and I can smell melting. I went to try it out and that happened.”