Don't Read This If You're Flying Soon 

This Reddit thread lays bare the things airlines don't want you to know. 

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Early this morning, hairyfedora posted a simple question on Reddit: “People who work for airlines, what are secrets passengers don’t know?” Fifteen hours later, this small query has generated 12,079 comments and way too much information for your average flyer.

Some of the finer answers were worth sharing. Maybe you’ll learn about the inner-workings of flying, or maybe you’ll just never head into the clouds again. Luckily, there are some other options.

This is good news!


If you’ve ever wondered if someone was poisoning your pilot, lchigo29 wants you to fear no more. This Redditor lets you know that those flying your passenger aircraft are fully not being poisoned because your two pilots are being served different meals. However, if the poisoner got into both airplane meals, you’re screwed.

So much filth!


So apparently those handling your baggage are as dirty-minded as those sad sacks sucking down cheap whiskey at your local dive. Shakin_the_bacon (that’s kind of dirty, no?) links to a few works of graffiti “art” that s/he’s seen while on the job inside cargo bins. Here’s one below.

So rude.

Keep your hand on the door.


So, anony_meows is riding the line between decent human and trouble-starter. By alerting the public of this apparent latch in the John, they’ve opened a bathroom full of potentially really awkward situations. Let’s just hope LoveShinyThings’s fears never become realities.

Well, thanks for the heads up...


Apparently, while you’re waiting on the tarmac for someone to fix the broken toilet (that a Redditor will be opening at the most inopportune moment), your outstation mechanic is busy delaying your flight because s/he has to fill out a ton of paperwork. Also, this is horrifying, please don’t read it if you’re planing on flying ever again. If you already read it, so very sorry. So very sorry.

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