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In 2018, Google DeepMind Imbued A.I. With Human-Like Sight and Imagination

Humans can do a lot with a little context. If you see a picture of a toilet, you’ll know it’s probably flanked by a bathtub and sink. The picture didn’t include any of that stuff, but the human brain has a knack for filling in missing pieces. And now thanks to Google DeepMind computer scientists, so does artificial intelligence.

In a paper published in Science Magazine in June, the company described how it created a Generative Query Network (GQN) that can see and imagine almost like a human. In an accompanying video, research scientist S. M. Ali Eslami explains how the algorithm used “something akin to imagination” to turn a few two-dimensional images of a virtual room into a fleshed-out, three-dimensional environment.

This is #1 on Inverse’s list of the 20 Ways A.I. Became More Human in 2018.

“Our ability to learn about the world by simply looking at it is simply incredible. One of the biggest open problems in A.I. is figuring out what is necessary to allow computers to do the same,” he told Inverse in a written statement. “In this work, we train a neural network to predict what a scene might look like from new viewpoints.”

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GIF of GQN agent operating in partially observed maze environments.

This A.I. was brought to life using a two-part system. The “representation network” translates the sample images into code the computer can understand. Next, the “generation network” creates everything else that isn’t shown in the initial images.

GIF of GQN agent “imagining” new viewpoints in rooms with multiple objects..

Like some of the other A.I. breakthroughs in 2018, this Deep Mind A.I.’s ability to extrapolate is a key step toward voice assistants that not only serve our needs, up anticipate them. Instead of having to command them, they’ll use context to know when to hand us a coffee or cook us a meal.

This was the landmark A.I. breakthrough of 2018 because it effectively made artificial intelligence significantly more intelligent across the board.A.I.

Apple Card: Interest Rate, Perks, Release Date for the Apple Credit Card

The Apple Card will offer a mix of cash back and personal finance tools. 

The Apple Card is no longer unofficial news. The new companion credit card for Apple Pay officially made its debut on Monday during a much-watched media showcase for the company’s new service products.

As expected, the new credit card will offer two percent cash back on some purchases, plus a slew of personal finance and spending tools designed to help one pay off their balance faster. But because the cash back offered isn’t particularly generous, some experts seem skeptical that the credit card would be able to lure in anyone besides Apple fans.

Apple TV+: Price, Release Date, Shows, Availability for the Netflix Killer

Apple TV has a whole new look.

Apple TV+, Apple’s long-rumored video streaming service, was finally unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theater on Monday. In addition to revamping Apple TV, the Cupertino-based company also laid out plans to meld concepts from its competitors — including Netflix-like streaming and other cable TV offerings — to create a unique television experience.

Apple Arcade: Price, Release Date, and Title List for Mobile Gaming Service

Apple has entered the gaming arena.

Apple Arcade wants to put more premium games at the finger tips of mobile gamers than ever before. On Monday, the company introduced a new gaming subscription service as part of a showcase for its new subscription businesses.

For starters, Arcade doesn’t appear targeted at the types of consumers traditionally attracted to heavy console and PC gaming. Ann Thai, senior product marketing manager of the App Store, made it clear that Arcade was built with an iOS game developer in mind. To start, Apple Arcade will give mobile gamers access to more than 100 premium games while allowing game creators to crank out a constant stream of high-quality games without worrying so much about monetization.

The Best Wireless Earbuds for Audio Quality

What truly wireless earbuds are actually worth your time?

Filed Under Amazon, Apple & Music

While we’ve been well on our way to a truly wireless existence (I’m looking at you, umbilical cord) in almost every facet of our life, the “truly wireless” headphone segment has been dominated by Apple’s AirPods, and for good reason. They’re the headphones to beat when it comes to ease of use, and seemingly every manufacturer is trying to best Apple with their own AirPod alternative.

Lenovo Smart Display: 5 Things You Only Learn After Living With It for a Week

It's perfect for YouTube junkies, aspiring cooks, and calls to mom.

Seeing something is often more informative than hearing about it, which makes smart home devices like the 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display especially compelling. For instance, instead of having the Google Assistant tell me about a recipe, I can have it show me how to knead dough or chiffonade chives.

Recently, I spent a week with the Lenovo Smart Display to see if it could elevate usage of Google Assistant, the A.I. brain that powers its hardware. It is one of the many gadgets that fuses a smart speaker’s capabilities with an iPad-like display. The market for smart displays could grow to $6.7 million by 2025 according to one estimate, which explains the wide variety of choices available to consumers.