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In 2018, Google DeepMind Imbued A.I. With Human-Like Sight and Imagination

Humans can do a lot with a little context. If you see a picture of a toilet, you’ll know it’s probably flanked by a bathtub and sink. The picture didn’t include any of that stuff, but the human brain has a knack for filling in missing pieces. And now thanks to Google DeepMind computer scientists, so does artificial intelligence.

In a paper published in Science Magazine in June, the company described how it created a Generative Query Network (GQN) that can see and imagine almost like a human. In an accompanying video, research scientist S. M. Ali Eslami explains how the algorithm used “something akin to imagination” to turn a few two-dimensional images of a virtual room into a fleshed-out, three-dimensional environment.

This is #1 on Inverse’s list of the 20 Ways A.I. Became More Human in 2018.

“Our ability to learn about the world by simply looking at it is simply incredible. One of the biggest open problems in A.I. is figuring out what is necessary to allow computers to do the same,” he told Inverse in a written statement. “In this work, we train a neural network to predict what a scene might look like from new viewpoints.”

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GIF of GQN agent operating in partially observed maze environments.

This A.I. was brought to life using a two-part system. The “representation network” translates the sample images into code the computer can understand. Next, the “generation network” creates everything else that isn’t shown in the initial images.

GIF of GQN agent “imagining” new viewpoints in rooms with multiple objects..

Like some of the other A.I. breakthroughs in 2018, this Deep Mind A.I.’s ability to extrapolate is a key step toward voice assistants that not only serve our needs, up anticipate them. Instead of having to command them, they’ll use context to know when to hand us a coffee or cook us a meal.

This was the landmark A.I. breakthrough of 2018 because it effectively made artificial intelligence significantly more intelligent across the board.A.I.

Nintendo Lawsuit: Joy-Con Drifting Reported by 10,000 Gamers, Says Law Firm

The company might be liable for $5 million in damages.

Gamers across the internet have grumbled about Nintendo Switch Joy-Condrift” since the console’s early days in 2017. But the long-complained-about controller issue has now turned into a legal problem for the Japanese gaming giant.

Pennsylvania-based law firm Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith filed a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo on July 11. Benjamin Johns, a partner at the firm, tells Inverse he has received more than 10,000 complaints about the Switch’s $80 controllers malfunctioning months after they’ve been purchased.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Console's Huge Design Flaw Problem Isn't Going Away

Uh oh.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the most affordable entry-point for the Japanese gaming giant’s most popular recent titles. But a widespread issue with original console’s Joy-Con controllers could also make it an expensive problem waiting to happen.

Switch owners on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter have long described a problem that’s come to be known as “Joy-Con drift.” Once the phenomenon kicks in, the Switch thinks its joysticks are being tiled even when Nintendo’s colorful controller is untouched. This results in maddening, in-game ghost movements can make games unplayable. Unaddressed, the Switch Lite could wind up being a $200 paper weight when launched on September 20.

PS5: Patent Filings Detail Sony's Plan to Make a Breakthrough VR Headset

Sony has groundbreaking VR plans in its future.

Virtual reality has been a fixture of the PlayStation 4 since Sony launched PlayStation VR in 2016, whose hardware attachments let gamers transform their console into full-fledged VR rigs. Rumor has it that, VR-wise, the PS 5 will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps.

Sony has already confirmed that its next-generation console will be compatible with current PSVR hardware, but it’s also clear that the entertainment giant has much bigger plans for VR further down the line.

Nintendo Switch vs. Switch Lite: Release Date, Pros and Cons, Which to Get

Two consoles for two distinct types of gamers. 

Two years after the first Nintendo Switch, the Japanese gaming giant unveiled the next chapter for its widely popular hybrid console. The Switch Lite, announced Wednesday, will fall somewhere between the original gaming system and its 2013 Nintendo 2DS, giving shoppers not one, but two Switches to choose from during the holiday spending season.

PS5: Price, Release Date, Specs, and Features for Sony's VR-Ready War Horse

Console gaming will reach heights never though possible.

The current generation of consoles is about to pass the torch. Sony has already revealed a great deal about the war horse it will ride into battle against the Xbox Scarlett consoles. The PlayStation 5 will tout PC-caliber graphics capabilities, and possibly come with a wireless virtual reality headset to take console gaming to new heights. But many crucial details about the PS5 remain unclear.