This Tiny Holographic Display Brings Your Photos to Life Like Harry Potter

Make any image into a 3D hologram.

looking glass go mini holographic display
Looking Glass

It’s nice looking back at old photos, but this is the future. Why look at a 2D pic when you have 3D holograms at your fingertips?

Looking Glass has been giving us that power without the need for an expensive VR headset for awhile now, and its latest mini display, called the Go, shrinks down its hologram tech to a surprisingly thin degree.

Dazzling, but discreet.

Looking Glass


Part of what makes the Looking Glass Go great is the easy setup. You can either snap a new photo or use any old photo and run it through Looking Glass’ AI software. The tech uses AI algorithms to create a ton of perspectives that mimic depth in the 3D image.

Once it’s ready, you can send the 3D image from your phone to your six-inch Go display. You can either keep the display on your desk or take it with you if you have the optional battery pack that gives it a two-hour battery life.

As with past Looking Glass devices, you can pair the frame with a Mac or PC thanks to a USB-C cable and get some 3D modeling use out of it through apps like Unity, Unreal, Blender, or WebXR.

If you really want to dig into the AI capabilities, you can pair the Go with generative AI apps like Midjourney or DALL-E to create holographic AI art. Even wilder, you can make Go into a personal AI assistant by combining it with ChatGPT as seen in Looking Glass’ demo. Just don’t fall in love with it like Joaquin Phoenix.

Give some real depth to your selfies.

Looking Glass


Looking Glass already hit its funding goal on Kickstarter. You can still join the crowdfunding efforts, where the Go is still available for $199 with super early bird pricing. Besides the base white edition, Looking Glass is making a transparent version that will be $49 more expensive. You can even opt for a $249 bundle that includes the Go, a Battery Pack, Carrying Case, and a Sticker Pack. The company says the holographic display will start shipping in June 2024.

The Looking Glass Go may or may not come out before the Vision Pro, but it’s still a hell of a lot more affordable. If you want to see the Go in person, Looking Glass will have it on display at a launch event in Brooklyn on December 7, but also at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

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