News, launch calendars, video, and analysis about the aerospace company based in Hawthrone, California, and directed by Elon Musk.

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Straight for Venus

Exclusive: How Rocket Lab’s giant rocket powers the future of space

Peter Beck is charting his own course.

Reel Science

The best sci-fi thriller on HBO Max reveals a deadly cosmic threat

Gravity, streaming on HBO Max, portrays the space phenomenon of Kessler Syndrome. But is it realistic? We check in with a space expert to answer your questions.

To Reddit and Beyond

SpaceX fans are powering the race to Mars through Reddit

The new space race is playing out in real-time on social media.


Axiom Space: Launch schedule and timeline for private space station

Axiom Space has bold plans to send private citizens into space, as a stepping stone to developing a complete private space station.


SpaceX Starship: Impressive video shows the Mars-bound rocket's launch tower

The launch tower is getting bigger.


SpaceX Mars City: Launch schedule, key build dates, and how to get there

Musk plans to build a self-sustaining city on Mars.


SpaceX and others set a staggering spaceflight record in 2021

NASA, SpaceX, the Chinese government, and others helped make it a bumper year for space.


Kessler Syndrome: How runaway space junk could trap humans on Earth

Between tens of thousands of new satellites and the increasing weaponization of space, a chain reaction may soon reach a tipping point.

Jingle Musks

12 days of Elon Musk in 2021

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO's year in review, carol-style.

Year End

Look: Here are the 10 most explosive launches of 2021

Space travel — and tourism — soared to new heights this year.

Musk Reads

SpaceX ends the year by beating its own launch record with Falcon 9

SpaceX launches, More lawsuits for Tesla, Elon Musk will pay his taxes.

Musk Reads

Elon Musk’s Mars city needs to learn just one vital lesson

SpaceX wants to build a Mars city — it could look to history to get some help.


SpaceX and Tesla sexual harassment allegations reveal an endemic issue

SpaceX and Tesla have a sexual harassment problem.

Musk Reads

10 wild Elon Musk facts Times’ Person of the Year profile taught us

Tesla is served, SpaceX lowballs, Elon Musk is person of the year.

Musk Reads

Only SpaceX can meet NASA’s safety requirements, says NASA

SpaceX has work to do, Tesla sells Cyberquad, Elon Musk gets a haircut.

The Inverse Interview

Why men are so into space (and why that sucks for women)

Space, inherently, should interest all of us. We are literally made of stardust. Yet, while space feels deeply compelling to some, for many others it is unrelatable, inaccessible, and irrelevant.