These Cheap Home Upgrades Look 10x More Expensive Than They Are

It’ll look like you spent thousands.

Written by Allison Bolt
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I frequently order phone chargers and other practical products on Amazon, but sometimes I stumble across things that remind me that Amazon is also full of seriously chic and cool household products. You can find cheap yet trendy and impactful home upgrades that are usually a huge expense.

There’s no need to wait around and save up for massive home updates or decor. Instead, I gathered a ton of cheap upgrades that will make your space look seriously expensive — right away.


This Highly-Rated Storage Rail to Tidy Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

This wall-mounted storage rail will instantly make your kitchen look put together with its simple yet sleek black iron design. It comes with 15 simple hooks that will hold onto all of your utensils or oversized pans that don’t have a designated spot in your cabinets, and it can hold up to 22 pounds. It’s also versatile enough to pop this storage rail in your entryway or other rooms of your home, which is why it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


These Satin Pillowcases With Over 203,000 5-Star Ratings on Amazon

Satin pillowcases might just be the most luxurious bedding upgrade, so grab this machine-washable and two-pack that’s surprisingly budget-friendly. They have a hidden envelope closure, so you can neatly tuck the ends of these glossy pillowcases and keep your favorite pillow securely inside. Plus, they come in over 40 colors to match (or contrast) your go-to sheets.


These Durable Cotton Napkins That Will Make Every Meal Feel Special

Pulling out these cloth napkins even when you’re having a rushed weeknight dinner honestly feels so luxurious. This 12-pack is made of durable 100% cotton, so you can easily toss them in your laundry after dinner. Of course, the classic design of these soft napkins, which come in white and a variety of checkered styles, is also perfect for dinner parties.


These Stylish Ceramic Coasters With Protective Cork Bottoms

A stack of coasters, like this ceramic pack, always looks more put together than a bunch of coffee rings on your table or paper towels under glasses. Each one comes with a different intricate design on top, so these absorbent and non-slip coasters will pop in all of the right ways on your coffee table.


This Abstract Shower Curtain That’s Surprisingly Easy to Wash

This shower curtain has an abstract design that looks just like those super overpriced ones you’ve probably seen everywhere. Even with the minimalist and expensive-looking print, you can still throw this intricate shower curtain in the washing machine to maintain its cleanliness. Plus, you get matching plastic hooks, so it’s ready to hang in your bathroom.


A Ceramic Utensil Holder With a Stand for Your Tablet or Cookbook

This ceramic utensil holder has a little stand built right in, so you can check the next step of your recipe on your tablet or in your cookbook and easily grab the spatula you need. This little stand is sturdy and sleek, and the turquoise hue will add a fun splash of color to your kitchen.


This Waterproof Marble Wallpaper to Refresh Counters & Walls

This stick-on marble-finish wallpaper will elevate your kitchen countertop or bathroom backsplash without totally replacing the outdated materials that are already there. It’s made of a glossy and super durable material, so you can trim it, stick it on your counters, and confidently prep dinner on your new waterproof surface.


These Durable Jars to Make Tidying More Aesthetic

These apothecary jars are so easy to fill with colorful scented laundry beads, cotton pads for removing makeup, bath bombs, or whatever else could use a tidy container. The durable plastic design with a chic metallic-tone top will look just as chic as all of the ones in those viral organizing videos at a fraction of the cost.


This Sleek Lamp to Showcase Vintage-Looking Lightbulbs

This minimalist lamp will look pricey no matter where you put it because it has a sleek design that’s perfect for a cozy Edison bulb. If that’s not quite the look for your home, this matte black lamp also works with other trendy light bulbs, like frosted globes. Plus, the 5-foot cord makes it easy to style this lamp anywhere (no matter where your outlets are).


This Tidy Wine Glass Rack That’s Easy to Install

Having a spot to display your wine glasses with this unique rack will instantly make your kitchen feel more expensive. It has an on-trend black finish, and there’s a bunch of space to organize around six to nine glasses of various sizes, from brandy glasses to large red wine glasses. It also comes with mounting hardware, so it’s so easy to tuck it under a cabinet while still looking custom-built.


A Woven Laundry Basket That Looks Like a Chic Decor Piece

This laundry hamper looks way chicer than any plastic basket or bulky bin in your closet. The cotton rope woven design will simply look like a cute basket in your bedroom or bathroom. It also comes with handles to take it into the laundry room, and you can even add the basket itself in with the laundry if it needs a refresh.


An Easy-to-Store Bamboo Tray for Luxurious Weekend Breakfasts

Keeping this bamboo tray around to create an aesthetic breakfast-in-bed will make weekends feel so much more luxurious. Of course, it has small handles for carrying your avocado toast from the kitchen back to your cozy bedding. When you’re not having your coffee in bed, you can fold up this easy-to-clean tray next to your nightstand.


This Easy-to-Style Botanical Wall Art With Soothing Colors

This set of wall art will look seriously expensive in your home because they have a watercolor print that’s always in style and works in any room. The durable card stock design also lets you choose frames to work with your decor or finish off a gallery wall with just one purchase.


These Modern, Minimalist Vases That Look Super Lavish

These ceramic vases will look like you spent a ton of money on them — even when they’re not filled with flowers or branches. It’s all about their unique, organic shapes because it makes these neutral vases look like decor pieces. If you do grab some flowers that week, these quirky vases are surprisingly easy to fill with water.


These Dimmable Stick-On Lights That You Can Use Everywhere

These adhesive LED puck lights will give your home such an elevated look, no matter where you stick them. Pop them under your cabinets, tap them to turn them on, and these warm white and dimmable lights will make your kitchen look so expensive, while illuminating shadowy spots. They also come with a remote and optional screws, so you can add them all over your home, even lining your stairs.


This Plush Bath Mat That Is Easy to Keep Clean

You won’t mind how long your post-shower or skincare routine takes if you’re standing on this super soft and thick memory foam bath mat. It dries quickly when you step out of the tub, so you won’t have to deal with a gross, damp mat the rest of the day. It can also go in the wash with your shower curtain or towels on bathroom-cleaning day.


This Wavy Mirror That’s Really Trendy Right Now

Not only does this mirror come with a funky wavy design, but it’s also small enough to tuck on a bookshelf or to hang it over a small entryway table. It also has a white glossy finish, so the quirky design is still minimalist enough to work with the decor you already have. If white isn’t your vibe, it also comes in eight other colors, including blue and gold.


The Wrinkle-Resistant Sheets That Are Made From a Soft Bamboo Fabric Blend

These fade-resistant sheets are made of a bamboo-blend fabric that will feel so soft and look luxurious every time you pull back your duvet. They’re also topped off with a cozy brushed and wrinkle-resistant finish, so this machine-washable set will make your room feel crisp and put together every night.


This Sleek Toilet Paper Holder With a Shelf for Room Spray

This toilet paper holder has adhesive on the back, which makes it renter-friendly and great for those who aren’t so great at DIY. It comes with a gold-tone design and a sleek little marble-finish shelf on top that’s perfect for some room spray, a scented diffuser, or to use as a phone shelf.


These High-Quality Highball Glasses That You’ll Use for Everything

Not only will these highly-rated highball glasses make iced coffee or a little cocktail look super chic, but they’re also a good size for your go-to sparkling water. The slim shape is the perfect height for your favorite reusable straws, and it makes it easy to fit these dishwasher-safe glasses in a small kitchen cabinet.


An Easy-to-Rinse Board That Will Take Snack Time to a Whole New Level

A wooden cheese board in your kitchen always looks expensive, and this acacia wood board is such a versatile option. It’s durable and super easy to rinse, so you can create aesthetic cheese trays whenever you feel like it. The small handle comes with a hanging hole, so it’s easy to display this warm-toned board as kitchen decor after your charcuterie board.


These Hotel-Like Shampoo & Soap Dispensers With Waterproof Labels

These soap and shampoo dispensers will make it feel like you’re at an expensive hotel every time you shower. Each of the matte black holders has easy-to-install adhesive on the back. Meanwhile, the chic amber-toned bottles come with spa-like bamboo accents and waterproof labels. You even get labels for hand soap or dish soap if you want to stick these stylish dispensers by your sinks.


A Stainless Steel Utensil Set That’s Worth Displaying in Your Kitchen

There are so many sleek details with this utensil set — especially their dishwasher-safe stainless steel finish. All of the utensils match and look super put together, so you can swap out all of the mismatched plastic tongs, spatulas, and spoons floating around your kitchen. Plus, you even get a holder to neatly display them all on your countertop.


This Cabinet Organizer for Built-in Hair Tool Storage

Having a specific spot for hair tools (that isn’t scattering them all over your countertop) feels like such a luxury. Fortunately, this organizer gives you slots for three different tools like hair dryers and curling irons that are otherwise awkward to store. It hangs right on your bathroom cabinet door, and it has a heat-safe basket on the bottom to keep all of the cords tidy.


A Stainless Steel Cocktail Set That Comes in a Tidy Stand

This cocktail shaker set will always look chic and tidy on your bar cart or kitchen countertop. Why? Because it comes with a wooden stand with designated slots for the strainer, mixing spoon, tongs, and all of the other dishwasher-safe stainless steel cocktail tools. Even the mini cocktail recipe cards will look nice in your kitchen.


A Floating Picture Frame With an Elevated Metallic Design

This brass picture frame feels more like a luxe decor piece with its minimalist geometric design. It has a floating glass front, so you can see the intricate geometric details behind your photo. It’s also finished off with a glossy finish to make this frame look even more elevated.


These Blackout Curtains With a Lightweight Linen Texture

If you can’t stand bulky blackout curtains, these chic curtains will actually lighten up your space because they’re made of a textured linen-like fabric. Even with this breezy-looking fabric, they still have a UV-blocking layer and plenty of thermal insulation to keep your space at the right temperature.


These Tasseled Cotton Towels That Are Durable Enough for Dishes

Classic kitchen hand towels can look a little worn and messy, but this pack of 100% cotton towels with tassels will always look nice and new. These pre-washed striped towels are durable enough to use for dishes and to wipe messy hands. They’ll also get softer after washing, so you’ll never be stuck with stained and worn-out kitchen towels.


These Hangers for Compact Leggings & Pants Storage

You won’t need super expensive built-ins in your closet if you simply hang up these pant hangers. They have a sleek design that stacks all of your favorite denim, skirts, slacks, and leggings to keep them tidy in your closet. They can be used vertically to save space or horizontally to keep your closet spaced evenly. No matter what fabric you store on these hangers, they come with non-slip details to keep them in place.


A Shed-Free Accent Rug With a Chic Design That Looks Vintage

This stain-resistant accent rug comes with a pattern that always feels classic and a distressed finish to make this look like an heirloom. The soft fabric is completely shed-free. So, go ahead and pop this rug in a busy area in your home without worrying about tracking fuzz everywhere.


This Illuminated Diffuser With a Decorative Ceramic Top

This essential oil diffuser with a trendy ceramic top and wood-tone base proves that you don’t have to add an ugly plastic-looking gadget to your space if you want a diffuser. You can even illuminate the chic ceramic top with a built-in LED light and choose from seven different cozy light colors.


A Cooling Mattress Cover With Deep Pockets That Stay Put

This mattress pad cover will feel luxurious on your bed for a ton of reasons, but especially because it stays in place and won’t bunch up under your sheets. This machine-washable pad has plenty of cushioning and a cooling bamboo fabric finish to keep you as comfortable as possible while you snooze.


These Can-Shaped Glasses That Are Everywhere Right Now

These drinking glasses are such a good swap for the mismatched glasses situation in your kitchen cabinets, and the unique can shape is really popular right now. To make them even better than all of those mismatched cups, they come with bamboo lids, glass straws, and, of course, straw brushes — a must for keeping everything clean.


A Brass Shower Head With a Ton of Rain Shower Nozzles

This high-pressure shower head has a modern, wide, and flat design, so you’ll get that expensive-feeling rain shower vibe. It’s easy to wipe off the nozzles when you’re cleaning your shower. Plus, it has a unique antique brass finish that feels like such an upgrade from those tired chrome shower heads, but it also comes in two dozen other finishes and shapes.


These Velvet Throw Pillow Covers for Luxurious Sofa Styling

Instead of letting your throw pillows blend right in with your sofa or your duvet cover, stick them in these luxe velvet-finish throw pillow covers. The seriously soft and plush texture will stand out from your couch, and they come in four dozen colors to brighten up your space. You also get a hidden zipper, so these covers will always look perfectly straight and crisp.


This Wooden-Handle Measuring Cup Set That’s Quite Chic

These stainless steel measuring cups look so much more expensive than a classic set because they have wooden handles and gold-tone cups that you’ll want to display in your kitchen. You also get all of the cups and spoons you’ll need for recipes, so your measuring cup drawer will match and look super aesthetic.


These Vintage-Style Prints That Look Like You Splurged

These vintage-style prints are so budget-friendly, and it will look like you splurged on a well-thought-out gallery wall and spent hours at antique stores and flea markets. It comes with a few different sizes to easily arrange all of these classic and slightly moody prints. They’re also frameless, so you can put them all in trendy mismatched frames.


A Fluffy Rug With the Softest Faux-Suede Back

This fluffy rug is super versatile because it has a soft and flexible faux-suede lining, so you can toss it on the floor or even drape it over an accent chair. The top is covered in faux-fur, so this machine-washable rug will add a bunch of coziness no matter where you put it.


This Mirror-Lined Metal Tray That’s Easy to Style

Pop all of your go-to skincare bottles or your chicest candle on this glossy metal-tone tray. It’s lined with a mirror that will reflect everything you decorate this tray with. It also has a classic geometric design that’s completely open on the side, so you can easily see all of your products.


This Modern Storage Stool for Your Patio or Living Room

This textured stool is minimalist enough to tuck in any room in your house and durable enough to add to your patio furniture. Even with the simple finish, this stool has a contemporary hourglass shape, and it even comes with a lid and built-in storage.


A Vintage-Looking Glass Decanter Set for All Kinds of Chic Drinks

This decanter set has a vintage-style shape that will look way chicer than a bottle of your go-to beverage on your countertop. You get matching shatter-resistant glasses to make this set super long-lasting. This versatile set is also easy to put in the dishwasher, so you can honestly use it for more than cocktails. (Think: serving juice at brunch.)


This Expensive-Looking Bidet That You Can Customize to Your Needs

This bidet is so cheap and easy to add on to your toilet, and you can fully customize it. The compact panel on the side comes with two different controls, so you can easily change the angle and power. You can also install this expensive-looking bidet so it actually looks built-in.


A 2-Tier Steamer That Looks So Sleek on Your Counter

With this two-tier steamer, you can prep your entire meal because each level has enough room for a bunch of fresh veggies, your favorite fish, and more. It also looks sleeker on your countertop than a bulky air fryer or microwave, and it’s so easy to add more water before cooking.


A Bamboo Matcha Set With Easy-to-Use Accessories

This bamboo matcha set will honestly look like a chic little decor piece in your kitchen when you’re not making your morning latte. When it comes to your latte routine, this set even comes with a matching bamboo spoon and a little scoop to make the entire process quicker.


These Slim Velvet Hangers That Are Surprisingly Durable

Swapping out hangers for anything other than plastic or fabric-ruining metal might seem expensive, but this huge pack of chic hangers is actually budget-friendly. They come with a non-slip velvet finish, so they’re gentle enough to hang all of your pieces on them. Their slim design also holds up to 10 pounds, so you won’t break any of your new expensive-looking hangers.

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