50 Genius, Cheap Things on Amazon That Are Blowing Peoples' Minds

Everything you didn’t know you needed.

Written by Veronika Kero
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You can find cheap products just about anywhere, but it’s hard to find budget-friendly products that actually work. From genius cleaning tools to useful workout accessories and clever home products, you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted and things you didn’t even know you needed with low price points and high ratings — prepare to have your mind blown.


A reusable baguette bag that you can clean in your washing machine

Use this reusable baguette bag to lock in the fresh-from-the-bakery texture. You’ll reduce waste in your home and end up saving cash by not having to constantly buy more bread. And to make it even better, the bag is made completely out of recycled bottles. It’s also freezer- and washing machine-safe.


This charcoal soap that soothes dry & itchy skin

Apart from its main ingredient, this charcoal soap is also made with tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus, and other essential oils that cleanse the skin and deodorize. The vegan bar also soothes dry and itchy skin and can be used on your face to further exfoliate pores.


A waterproof apron that’s adjustable & versatile

This rubber apron will come in handy when setting up your garden, preparing meat to barbecue, and so much more. It’s vinyl coated and waterproof, making it long-lasting and able to deflect oil and grease. And for additional comfort, the adjustable strap has a neck pad.


This 5-cup grease container that strains out burned pieces

Before you throw out the oil after frying bacon or deep frying chicken, store the excess in this five-cup grease container. It comes with a stainless steel strainer to separate out particles so you have mess-free pours when adding the flavor to other meals.


A silicone popcorn maker that collapses for storage

This silicone popcorn popper makes sure that no kernels go un-popped or end up burnt thanks to its material and unique shape that evenly distributes heat. It can hold up to 15 cups and since it has built-in handles and comes with a lid, none will fall out as you carry it from the kitchen to the living room.


This 6-port charging dock that comes with multiple kinds of cords

This charging dock will instantly minimize clutter on your desk or bedside table. It comes with three USB-A cords, three micro-USB cords, and one USB-C cord. All are short enough that you don’t have to deal with any tangles or mess. The gadget also comes with moveable dividers that can accommodate phones and tablets.


A pack of reusable silicone straws that are dishwasher safe

These eco-friendly silicone straws are flexible, dishwasher safe, and can even be trimmed to the length that you need so that they can be used with everything from large tumblers to short glasses. The 20-pack also comes with a slim cleaning brush.


A self-adhesive LED light strip that can reduce eye strain

This USB-powered LED light strip with its 15 color choices is a lot of fun, but it's helpful as well. Placing it around your computer monitor or TV can reduce eye strain by improving contrast, and using it underneath your bed frame or kitchen cabinets can come in handy when waking up in the middle of the night. Since the 78-inch strip is self-adhesive and flexible, it’s easy to set up anywhere.


This wedge pillow with a cooling bamboo cover

This wedge pillow is made of plush memory foam on the inside and covered with a bamboo fiber cover on the outside. The combination gives you support and keeps you cool. It can help with back pain, acid reflux, and even in reducing snoring.


A sugar dispenser that’s easy to refill

This adorable sugar dispenser is a mess-free way to control syrups, dessert sauces, granulated sugar, and more. Its honeycomb shape can sit securely in the base that is included so that no drips or spills end up on your counter and it can stand upright. The wide opening on the top also makes it less messy to refill.


A pack of metallic markers that can be erased

When used on chalkboards and glass, these metallic markers can be erased so you can create without the fear of making a mistake. Each of the eight colors creates fine lines with dust-free strokes, meaning your creative session won’t cause a mess.


These wrapping paper cutters that double as a holder

If you don’t have the steadiest hand, you’ll love having this wrapping paper cutter around. You’ll get a straight and clean cut every single time and in much less time than it would take if you used scissors. The cylinder also doubles as a holder to keep rolls from unraveling. The set comes with two.


This set of tiered hangers with rubber-coated clips

Each of these three tiered hangers has four levels so you can make the most of your closet space. Each of the chrome-plated clips has a rubber coating at the end to keep your items from falling without damaging the fabric.


A waterproof wreath storage container

The two-layer lamination of this wreath storage container makes it waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your gorgeous decorations getting ruined in storage. The bag is made with reinforced stitching and heavy-duty handles, and since it has two zippers, it can fully open for easy access to the interior.


These lightweight storage cubes that fold flat between uses

These storage cubes will be out of your way until you have a need for them because they can be folded flat. The non-woven fabric that they are made of is extremely lightweight and since there is a sewn-in handle on each side, the boxes will be easy to move from room to room. Choose from several colors in the listing.


This bamboo serving tray with built-in handles

To enjoy breakfast in bed, pile everything onto this serving tray. It’s made of strong bamboo and has hollowed-out handles so you can move it from the kitchen to your bedroom without making a mess. Its foldable legs will stand securely on just about any surface.


A set of floating shelves for a chic display

The combination of distressed wood and jute rope makes this pair of floating shelves the perfect addition to any home. The set is neutral, chic, and easy to blend in with other decor. Use it to display picture frames, plants, and so much more.


A mortar & pestle set made of genuine marble

To release flavors and aromas from nuts, seeds, herbs, and more, try this mortar and pestle set. Since the interior is unpolished, it will be easier to grind any ingredients you put in. Plus, it’s made of real marble that will dress up your countertop while waiting to be used.


This sturdy yoga ball with 34,000+ 5-star reviews

Able to support up to 600 pounds, this yoga ball can be used for lots of exercises; it can be used to increase flexibility, tone muscles, activate your core, and more. Plus, it has a nonslip surface for stability while you break a sweat. It comes with a hand pump for inflation and it’s available in five sizes and lots of colors in the listing.


A reflective hands-free dog leash that you wear as a belt

You can walk even the most energetic dogs with this hands-free dog leash. The weather-resistant fabric is made with reflective cross-stitching for safety. You don’t even need to have any belt loops to attach it to since the tool is a belt itself.


A grooming brush with retractable bristles for easy cleanup

You can remove knots and collect excess hair without irritating your pet’s skin with the help of this grooming brush. The plastic bristles are comforting to your dog or cat but durable and strong enough to easily get through mats. Removing collected fur is easy thanks to the retractable bristles.


This porous shower mat that resists mold

This bathtub mat will make you feel more stable when in the shower. Its nonslip backing holds it in place while still allowing water to pass through, making it resistant to mold. It’s available in five sizes and four neutral colors in the listing.


This banana hanger that folds up when not in use

This banana hanger that keeps your fruit bruise-free comes with both strong adhesive and screws so you can install it in the way that is most convenient for you. It can support up to 27 pounds when screwed in underneath your cabinet. It can even fold up out of sight when not in use.


An insulated water bottle that comes with 3 different lids

Thanks to its dual-wall construction with a copper lining, this insulated water bottle can keep cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours. Its stainless steel is shatterproof and all three of the lids that are included are leakproof. Plus, the built-in handle makes it easy to carry on hikes.


A pet brush that can be used wet or dry

No matter if your dog or cat has long or short hair, this pet bath brush will shed fur from their coats and help properly shampoo them (it can be used dry as well). The soft rubber bristles scrubs without being harsh on their skin. And since the grip pads are rubberized as well, it’s comfortable to hold.


A highly rated card game to get the party started

Whether you’re introducing new friends into the group or want to get to know your old friends a little better, this icebreaker card game will help you get the night started. It comes with 150 prompts that will spark thought-provoking conversation. Suddenly small talk will turn into more meaningful exchanges.


These hand-carved olive wood tea light holders with a rustic feel

Keep this trio of wooden tea light holders together or separate them throughout your home to spread a soft glow and rustic style. They have a modern geometric cut but a welcoming feel that will instantly elevate your space. Because they are hand carved, each one will be unique.


A wireless milk frother that comes with a stainless steel stand

You’ll feel like a true barista with this milk frother in hand. In just 15 seconds, it can whip up fluffy foam, blend your matcha, and even whisk eggs. It’s made of durable stainless steel and has a soft-touch grip covering the handle.


This smart lamp that lets you adjust color & brightness via Alexa

Being able to set this smart lamp on a color-changing timer means you’ll have a bright and fun reminder when it’s time to turn off the stove or take your dog on a walk. Control it via Alexa to change the color and brightness.


A windshield cleaner with a rotating head

Equipped with a rotating head and extendable handle, you’ll be able to reach every corner with this windshield cleaner. It’s covered in a microfiber pad and comes with three replacements, as well as a spray bottle to keep your liquid cleaners in.


These car sun shades that block 97% of UV rays

These car window sun shades have a static cling backing that’s easier to attach and remove than ones with adhesive or suction cups. They’ll block 97% of UV rays while you drive and the wire frames can be twisted and folded for easy storage when not in use.


This tire air pump with 55,000+ 5-star reviews

This air pump can be used on everything from balloons to car tires. It measures pressure and automatically shuts off when something is full. And since it’s so compact, it won’t take up much room in your vehicle’s trunk.


A cut-resistant steel cable lock that’s flexible

From your bicycle to your front gate, this cable lock can be used on just about anything. It’s made of steel that is virtually indestructible — it cannot be cut through, yet it can bend in any direction. The compact tool is a fuss-free way to keep your things protected.


This long-lasting reading light with 85,000+ 5-star reviews

You no longer have to wait until the morning to finish that chapter or get your work done. Wear this lightweight neck reading light for complete control over color temperature and brightness so you don’t disturb those around you but still have a clear view. It has a battery life of 80 hours and is USB-rechargeable.


These flameless tea light candles with a realistic flicker

Take your parties to the next level with these battery-operated flameless tea light candles. They’ll deliver the same romantic and cozy feel that you’re looking for without creating opportunities for any dangerous accidents. They even flicker to mimic the look of a real fire. Each in this 12-pack will last for over 200 hours.


This drain protector that’s easy to clean

This drain protector has been designed with a unique mushroom shape that allows loose hair strands to wrap around its center so it can be easily removed. It will keep you from having to call the plumber, and its strong stainless steel is built to last.


These smart plugs with fireproof shells

With four smart plugs coming in this pack, you can ensure that you didn’t leave your space heater on, get the coffee machine started while you’re still in bed, and turn on your holiday decorations without going outside. Control all four separately or group them together. You can set them on schedules and adjust their settings via the app or with your voice.


A set of satin pillowcases that’ll stay in place

Choose between the 37 different rich and vibrant colors that this set of satin pillowcases comes in to add a gorgeous sheen to your bedroom. The smooth fabric protects your hair from breakage and avoids irritating your skin. And because they have an envelope closure, your pillow won’t pop out during the night.


These food slicers that keeps your fingers protected

This three-pack of food slicers can be used to make a quick fruit salad, chop up some vegetables, or whip up an egg salad. The stainless steel blades are concealed within the smooth exterior so your hands are protected from any sharp edges. And since there’s a wide opening, it’s a breeze to clean.


A waterproof desk mat that makes your office look more polished

Set your morning coffee on this nonslip desk mat. It’s water- and heat-resistant so it will prevent any stains or scuffs, letting you can focus more on work and less on cleaning up.


A waterproof headlight that’s motion activated

This pair of headlights provides up to 1,200 lumens so you can work in a power outage or feel safer when going on a late-night run. The adjustable band won’t shake or slide while exercising and the entire gadget is waterproof so you can go outside in any weather. And since it has a motion sensor, all you have to do is wave your hand to turn it on and off.


A digital thermometer with a meat temperature chart on the handle

This digital thermometer will take the guesswork out of grilling, cooking, and baking. You’ll be able to efficiently follow recipes and get your steak perfectly cooked without having to poke anything with a fork or taste it before it’s done. The temperature is presented in just two to three seconds on the bright LCD screen.


These wool dryer balls that reduce wrinkles

More than 55,000 happy customers have left these wool dryer balls a five-star review. They lift and separate laundry to allow the hot air to circulate faster, resulting in less time running the dryer and more energy saved.


This wooden furniture repair kit with permanent results

Whether you accidentally chipped your coffee table or your pet won’t stop scratching at your desk, this furniture repair kit can disguise any damage. It comes with six markers and six wax sticks so you can cover up scratches and fill in scuffs. The colors mimic the look of genuine wood and the results are permanent.


A camping hammock that can hold up to 500 pounds

This camping hammock is made with rip-resistant nylon that can hold hundreds of pounds — one version holds up to 400 pounds and the other holds up to 500 pounds. Its height can be adjusted using the two 9-foot tree straps and two carabiner clips that are included. It also folds into itself for easy carrying. Choose from different sizes and colors in the listing.


These stainless steel holders for serving and prepping tacos

To ensure that your lunch doesn’t fall apart before they it makes it to the table, place each of your tortillas in these taco holders (the set comes with four). They’re made of durable stainless steel they can also be used to cook tacos in the oven or on the grill. They’re dishwasher safe as well.


A heavy-duty grill brush with a built-in scraper

This grill brush is safe to use on lots of kinds of grills. It has non-scratch bristles that easily remove residue and are attached to an 18-inch wooden handle that helps you reach every corner. And if there are any stubborn stains, you can use the built-in scraper.


A smart light switch that will save you energy

Control this smart light switch with the app while you’re out of the house and with Alexa or Google Assistant while you’re home. You’ll have hands-free convenience and the relief of knowing that you’ll never waste money by leaving your light on accidentally again. You can also track usage, adjust the mood, and set it on a schedule.


A popular peel-and-stick wallpaper that comes in 10+ colors

If you’ve been wanting to freshen up your home but don’t want to commit to any permanent changes, grab a roll of this peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s easy to apply on your own and won’t damage the surface below, so you can remove it if wanted. It can also be cut to any size you need. It comes in 13 colors and many different sizes in the listing.


A mosquito head net with a drawstring closure

Instead of swatting around your face every few minutes, attach this mosquito head net to any cap you want to wear. The fine mesh offers great visibility while protecting you from bites. Adjust the closure with the drawstring along the bottom.

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