The 50 Coolest Things With Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews That You Never Knew Existed

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The 50 Coolest Things With Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews That You Never Knew Existed
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If you don’t already own an indoor s’mores maker and reusable coffee pods, prepare to meet your new fave buys. There are plenty of unique and useful things on Amazon that have been racking up near-perfect reviews from products to make your home (and car) cleaner and more comfortable to genius personal items like a flexible flaxseed hot and cold compress. These clever products start at just $6 and everything is less than $40.


This keychain charger that’s also a bottle opener

For less than $10, you can carry around this three-in-one keychain charger that acts as a holder for all your keys, an iPhone charger, and a bottle opener. And since it’s reinforced with lightweight metal, it’s durable and easy to take along.


A cup holder expander for large tumblers & mugs

You no longer have to worry about your bottle (or even mug) being too large to take on the road. This car cup holder expander has an adjustable diameter to accommodate almost any drink you’re enjoying. Plus, it has a thick base pad and rubber side tabs to keep everything secure. A cutout on one side accommodates mug handles.


This dryer vent cleaner that’s less than $10

Increase the efficiency of your dryer (and lower your energy bill) by attaching this dryer vent cleaner to your vacuum. The 3.5-foot hose can reach deep inside to suck out any buildup, preventing a potential house fire. “Nozzle fits perfect and gets a tonnnnn of lint out,” wrote one reviewer.


A $6 hat organizer that won’t leave marks

Take all your caps out of that messy pile and hang them from this hat organizer that slips over any hanger instead. They’ll be easier to get to and kept in better shape. Each of the ten rust-resistant stainless steel clips is strong but won’t pinch the fabric so much that they leave a mark.


A sleek bamboo sofa arm tray table that can also be used as a lap desk

Thanks to its rubber-studded base, this sofa arm tray table won’t budge once put in place so you don’t have to think twice about putting a drink right next to your remote control. It even has a slot specifically made to hold your cell phone. The tray is made of genuine bamboo and has a stain-resistant coating to protect it from spills. One reviewer raved, “This works perfect on a fluffy couch arm (or large pillow) and a rigid arm. Turn it over and it works great as a flat lap desk too!”


This cup-holding pillow that keeps drinks cold for longer

Use this cup-holding pillow on the couch, in bed, or in a car. It’s made with insulated foam to keep your drink hot or cold for a longer amount of time, has three slots, and a handle on the side for toting it from room to room. One reviewer wrote, “I don't have room for a nightstand next to my bed. [...] This solution has worked out so wonderfully. I never thought I would end up loving it so much, but it's been great for holding my remote, my glasses, tissues, chapstick, etc. It's held up great for the last couple of years.”


A 6-pack of can openers that also help keep out bugs

You won’t need to worry about bugs falling in your drink with this beverage barricade. It helps you open any can without scratching your finger or breaking a nail, and then it covers the opening to keep out pests. This pack comes with six different colors so you and your friends can identify which is yours with ease.


This folding phone stand with 41,000+ 5-star reviews

This folding phone stand is sturdy enough to hold your screen at any angle and it’s compact enough to take it with you wherever you go. It has an impressive 4.7-star overall rating after more than 49,000 reviews. Choose from ten shades in the listing.


This 2-pack of self-watering hanging planters for less than $9 each

These self-water hanging planters can water plants for over two weeks, making them great for a traveler or forgetful plant owner. They’re both equipped with 12 drainage holes on the bottom so that excess water can be released and roots have room to grow. One reviewer wrote, “Great design. Easy to assemble and plant a new plant into. You can observe with confidence that your plant will not be waiting for you to give it a drink.” Choose from several color combinations in the listing.


These adhesive desk drawers that can hold 6 pounds

To declutter your desk (or any table), add this adhesive desk drawer to the bottom that takes just a few seconds to install. It has a smooth pull-out design that won’t come off the side rails so you never have to worry about your writing utensils or chargers falling to the floor. It can store up to 6 pounds of contents.


These clip-on sauce packet holders that come with washable ramekins

This pair of dip clips can hold sauce cups from most fast-food restaurants, and they come with washable ramekins as well. “This makes eating on the go more enjoyable for the driver because now you can dip with no worries, I even get to dip my fries now. Simple but a must need for every vehicle,” wrote one fan.


This sharp pizza cutter that comes with a protective cover

This 14-inch pizza cutter can be used to cut across an entire pie in one swoop and chop up veggies for a salad, too. It’s made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel and comes with a storage cover to prevent accidents and keep it in tip-top shape. One reviewer wrote, “So much more hygienic than a roller-style pizza cutter since there are no crevices for food bits or germs to hide. No moving parts, fast and easy to cut pizza perfectly PLUS can use as mezzaluna for chopping herbs.”


A pair of 8-in-1 tool pens made of durable aluminum

These two multi-tool pens together contain an LED light, stylus, standard and metric ruler, bubble level, bottle opener, flathead and Phillips screwdriver, and (of course) ballpoint pen. The set even comes with two ink refills.


This car organizer with a security flap

Strap this car organizer to the back of your seat so you won’t have to fill your glove compartment and side door with your daily essentials. You can keep everything in one place in its four large compartments, two smaller pockets, two mesh bottle pockets, and numerous pen holders. Just flip over the security flap to keep it all safe while you’re away from your car.


This flexible grabber claw that comes with a drain snake

Whether you use the grabber claw or the barbed plastic snake that it comes with, you’ll be able to reach into various tight spaces. Use the snake to easily fish out any buildup or hair from your drains, and use the grabber claw to retrieve dropped items (like jewelry) from your sink or toilet.


A compact vehicle safety hammer for emergencies

With hardened steel on both the flat and pointed sides, this safety hammer can easily break through a car window to get you out of a dangerous situation. It also has a seat belt cutter towards the bottom of the handle. One reviewer wrote, “Wow! The peace of mind I have now. Knowing I can get out of my car, or save someone from theirs.”


This bread box with over 14,000 5-star reviews

Able to hold up to five pounds, this bread box can keep a loaf soft and pest-free for the week. By threading the bag around the outside of the box, it even keeps slices pulled to the end for easy access, locking in freshness. One reviewer wrote, “Bought this bread holder to take to the beach. We made sandwiches in the morning, slid them down in the container and they stayed perfect until we were ready to have lunch on the beach. Being able to throw the container in the beach bag and not worrying about smashing [...] lunch was great!”


An electronic itch relief stick that works in seconds

This itch relief stick is able to reduce irritation from bug bites and stings by heating up to 124 degrees Fahrenheit. Treatment only takes a few seconds and it can begin to relieve symptoms in a few minutes. It will provide up to 300 uses on two AA batteries. “I start applying this when I feel or see a mosquito bite and the swelling either doesn't start or dramatically disappears very quickly. The device also decreases any itching. I take this with me on vacations too because I can't live without it,” wrote one fan.


A $7 USB-rechargeable lighter that even works in the wind

This electric lighter is smoke-free, odorless, and can even work in windy conditions. Its flameless design works three times faster than a regular lighter and it’s compact enough to bring anywhere. It’s USB-rechargeable and has LED indicators to show you the amount of battery life that remains. Choose from several colors in the listing.


This stone bath mat that dries in less than a minute

Made of a highly absorbent material, this stone bath mat will be completely clean and dry within one minute so you don’t have to worry about your floors getting messy. Plus, the diatomite stone actually purifies the air while nonslip pads on the bottom keep it securely in place. Choose from three neutral shades in the listing.


This microwaveable grill that crisps lots of foods

Microwave a batch of bacon or crisp up taquitos with this microwaveable grill. It has a vented lid that will keep your microwave cleaner and a design that keeps your food out of excess oil.


This silicone popcorn popper with 24,000+ 5-star reviews

Even though this silicone popcorn popper can hold 15 cups when expanded, it collapses down to just over 2 inches tall to take up very little cabinet space. Its flexible material evenly distributes heat so that the kernels don’t end up burnt or un-popped. It has built-in handles and comes with a plastic lid so it can go from the kitchen to the living room with ease.


This stuffed burger press that makes patties up to half of a pound

This stuffed burger press makes it easy to customize your patties and make them all uniform. It’s made with BPA-free plastic that’s dishwasher-safe and can form patties that weigh up to half of a pound.


This ceiling fan duster that can extend to 4.5 feet

You can extend the detachable handle of this highly rated ceiling fan duster up to 4.5 feet to reach nearly any surface in your home. The flexible head is made of microfiber that traps dust, and it can be washed for reuse. A 14-foot version is also available in the listing for taller ceilings.


This popular pet hair & lint remover with 132,000+ 5-star reviews

This reusable pet hair and lint remover uses the power of static electricity to allow you to skip sticky pads that will need repurchasing. You can empty it while keeping your hands clean by pressing a button on the back of the chamber.


An electric can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges

Instead of fumbling around with a traditional tool, make this electric can opener do all the work for you. It cuts 360 degrees around the lid without leaving any sharp edges to avoid cuts. It takes four AA batteries and works at the tap of a button.


This clip-on ring light with lots of settings

Improve your selfies with this clever clip-on ring light. It can run for up to two hours per charge or be left plugged in via the included 3-foot cord for unlimited use. It has three color temperatures and ten levels of brightness to choose between.


A 1-cup glass syrup or honey dispenser that won’t drip

Besides its adorable honeycomb shape, you’ll love this glass syrup dispenser for its easy and mess-free design. It can hold one cup of sugar, honey, syrup, and more without dripping any on your clean counters. All you have to do is push down on the handle to release and stop automatically. It comes with a stand for between uses. One reviewer wrote, “This is the neatest, cleanest way of putting honey on my toast and oatmeal. Even refilling the container was neat and clean.”


This mini humidifier that has 2 misting modes

At less than 4 inches wide, this mini humidifier with two misting modes can easily fit in the corner of your desk, bedside table, or even car cup holder. Even though it’s extremely quiet (less than 35 decibels), it helps maintain ideal moisture levels for up to eight hours at a time. Plus, it doubles as a night light.


A dishwasher-safe silicone strainer with 24,000+ 5-star reviews

This silicone strainer takes up half the amount of space as an ordinary one but gets the job done without the need to transfer your food into another bowl or plate. The nonstick surface can handle up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit and is dishwasher safe.


A refillable brush that keeps house paint fresh for 7 years

The precision tip on this refillable paint brush makes it a breeze to touch up scuffs and cover scratches in even the smallest areas. This two-pack comes with a mess-free syringe that can be used to fill in the paint of your choice so that color matching is never an issue. The compact tube will keep your paint fresh for over seven years.


These expandable coffee mug organizers with a 4.6-star overall rating

In order to save cabinet space, stack your tea cup and mug collection with this six-pack of coffee mug organizers. Each of the legs can be extended to fit most mugs to instantly double the amount of room you have. One reviewer wrote, “I loved how easy they were to use and the cleaned up appearance of my cup storage. I will be buying more!”


A multifunctional tissue box that reviewers say organizes any room

Use the five separate compartments surrounding this multifunctional tissue box to store your TV remote, glasses, chargers, and more. It’s white finish and bamboo lid offer a sleek look that won’t detract from decor. One reviewer wrote, “I never knew I needed that little bit of storage and it made my living space a lot cleaner. [...] Works like a charm and such nice quality, not cheap feeling at all.”


Some self-draining soap dishes made out of silicone

Make your soap last longer and keep your sink area cleaner with this pair of silicone soap dishes. Each one has a self-draining spout that drains excess water right back into your sink. Choose from several colors and two sizes in the listing.


This detangling hairbrush with 55,000+ 5-star reviews

This detangling hairbrush features unique cone-shaped bristles that can glide through tangles without causing pain or damage. “In using this brush, yes, it detangles my wet hair, but I also saw very little, if any, hair in the brush after using it. That tells me that it's not pulling it out like my old brush was doing,” wrote one shopper.


A sleek indoor fly trap that’s insecticide-free

Instead of insecticides, this indoor bug trap uses a UV LED light to attract and trap flies, moths, gnats, and more. They all remain hidden on the back of the glue card so the smooth white exterior is the only thing visible. It can protect an area up to 400 square feet and comes with two glue cards.


This car cup holder expander that has a 4.6-star overall rating

With this car cup holder expander, you can take nearly any tumbler or bottle with you without worrying about it rolling around your vehicle. It also has a small cut-out that lets you tote a mug with you. Reviewers report it even holds a 46-ounce Yeti bottle.


This mason jar for steeping cold brew

This 32-ounce mason jar is a game-changer for anyone who likes cold brew. It has a central column where you put your coffee grounds, and then fill the cup up the mason jar with water and put it in your fridge overnight. You’ll get delicious cold brew overnight that couldn’t be simpler to make.


These insulated wine glasses that come with lids

For the friend of yours who is always dropping their wine glass, this set of two stainless steel wine glasses is perfect. Not only does it come with lids that essentially eliminate the possibility of any sloshing, but each one also keeps your wine cold for longer thanks to the insulated design.


An electric s’mores maker that heats up fast

Pull out this electric s’mores maker on a rainy or snowy day (or any other day just because) — it’s only 1 foot wide and 4 inches tall and designed to be used indoors. It comes with stainless steel roasting forks and has four built-in compartments where you can keep your ingredients. “Plug in, wait a couple of minutes (it heats up so quickly) and prepare your marshmallow! so easy to use,” wrote one shopper.


This 14-device power strip tower with a retractable cord

To minimize clutter and free up some outlets in your home, plug your devices and chargers into this power strip tower. It has four USB ports and 10 three-pronged outlets that all have built-in surge protection. The cord is retractable to keep your surface neat.


A compact Apple Watch charging block with a 4.7-star overall rating

While this may initially look like an ordinary charging block, it’s actually a multifunctional Apple watch charger. On the side, you can connect both a USB-C and USB-A wire while the back opens up to reveal a stand to wirelessly charge your watch. All three devices will be protected from overheating.


This yolk separator for separating your eggs

Some kitchen gadgets are both fun and functional. This egg separator is shaped like a frog and makes it easy to separate the yolk from the egg white for cooking, baking, you name it. In seconds you’ll be on your way mixing the egg yolk into your recipe or adding the egg whites to a pan for an omelet. It couldn’t be easier.


Some power scrubber attachments that come with an extension arm

Made with durable nylon bristles, these power scrubber attachments can get rid of stains and buildup without scratching the surface underneath. They are available in five different intensity levels in the listing (each is a different color) so that you can work on everything from delicate glass to tough grills. And since the set comes with three different heads and an extension rod, you’ll be able to get into every nook and cranny.


These super popular bedsheet straps with nearly 8,000 5-star reviews

To create a neat and tidy hotel look at home, all you need are these bedsheet straps. Each clamp has a built-in pad to protect the fabric and is attached to adjustable straps so that they can work with mattresses of any size. You’ll no longer have to deal with the corner popping off or unsightly wrinkles. The set comes with eight straps.


This 36-pack of reusable cable labels with a 4.6-star overall rating

If you’re constantly unplugging the wrong cord, you need these cable labels to tell you exactly which plug leads to which device. They have a reusable hook-and-loop closure and a smooth surface that can be written on with a ballpoint pen. Other shapes and sizes are also available in the listing.


These produce savers for your fridge or fruit bowl that’ll cut down on waste

To reduce food waste and save money, pop these produce savers into your fridge or fruit bowl. By absorbing the ethylene gas that produce naturally emits, these adorable apple-shaped tools extend the life of your fruits and vegetables up to two to three times longer than usual. Each of the two savers in this set last for up to three months.


This magnetic organizer that can hold up to 45 pounds

With two spice racks, two roll holders, and two hanging hooks, you’ll be able to free up a ton of counter and drawer space by packing all your essentials onto this magnetic fridge organizer. It’s made of strong metal to support up to 45 pounds. It’s also available in white and gray in the listing.


This dryer cleaning hose kit that’s easy to wield

Cleaning the dryer vent is always a chore and easy to forget. This kit makes it simple to clean them out. How it works: Attach this hose to your vacuum and quickly suck out any lint, dirt, or debris that could potentially catch fire. It’s one less thing to worry about when you’re using your dryer.


A wall-mounted bathroom organizer to keep your toothbrushes clean

With an automatic toothpaste dispenser, a pull-out drawer, cup holders, and a top storage tray, this is so much more than just a toothbrush holder. Best of all, you don’t even need to use tools to install it; it mounts it with included adhesive strips. One reviewer wrote, “Looks great on my wall. Gets so many items off my counter & it works great-easy to use. Easy to screw to wall & don’t have to worry that it’ll fall off.” It comes in several sizes and a few colors in the listing.

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