50 Clever Things Under $25 on Amazon That Are Insanely Popular for Good Reason

These genius, cheap Amazon finds are selling like hotcakes.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Sometimes you just need a super clever Amazon find in your life — like when you have a ton of time-consuming chores you’ve been putting off. Whether your space feels a little cluttered or you simply need a luxurious product to relax after work, these 50 clever things under $25 are here to help out.

Everything on this list is also insanely popular (for good reason). Grabbing these budget-friendly products will instantly make everything feel more manageable (and make your space look super chic), so it’s easy to see why people love these clever little finds.


This stainless steel bacon grease container that holds 5 cups

This little stainless steel container is a quick and easy solution for leftover bacon grease or oil after cooking. Instead of waiting around for it to cool and scraping it in the trash, simply pour all of the leftover grease in your pan right into this sleek container. It has a fine mesh strainer to separate any food bits and a lid so you can store this anywhere in the kitchen.


These cooling pillows with silky bamboo fabric

These best-selling pillowcases are made of a silky rayon-like fabric that’s actually made of bamboo. That means they’ll feel luxurious and super cooling, no matter what pillow you put them on. This soft set is also moisture-wicking, so you have no need to flip your pillow in the middle of the night. Beyond their comfort, they’re functional with an envelope-style opening to keep them perfectly in place on your pillow.


These suction cup lids that fit on all of your kitchen essentials

These leak-proof silicone lids have a suction cup design that’s easy to secure on all kinds of leftover containers, pans, or even cups or coffee mugs in your kitchen. The heat-resistant material will even suction cup to a bunch of different materials, like stainless steel pots or glass bowls. Each one also comes with a little loop at the top, so you can hang them instead of cluttering up a kitchen drawer.


A vacuum attachment to quickly deep clean your dryer

Pop this easy-to-use vacuum attachment on your cleaner’s hose, and you’ll instantly have a way to deep-clean your dryer (without calling a pricey service). It has a flat, bendable design to easily vacuum up all of the gross lint that falls below the lint trap. It also comes with a small adapter to quickly stick it on your specific vacuum.


A heat-resistant oven rack tool with a near-perfect rating

This little double-sided silicone tool is a must for home cooks, because it makes it easier to pull out your oven rack to check your food. The 11-inch long handle keeps your hands far away from the hot oven. Meanwhile, this heat-resistant tool has a curved end, so you can easily push the rack back in place.


These transparent stickers that help you avoid a clogged shower drain

These shower drain stickers are made of durable mesh, so all of your shower water can flow through, but they’ll stop hair and other debris from creating a clog. They’re completely transparent, so they won’t look weird on your shower drain. They also come with two pull-tabs on the sides to easily peel them off and replace them after every few showers.


The adjustable measuring cup that works for liquid & dry ingredients

This compact and easy-to-pour measuring cup is a great way to save space and dirty fewer dishes. Simply move the bottom until the durable silicone disc hits the exact measurement you need. Then you can quickly pour in up to 2 cups of milk, flour, oil, or whatever you need, and yes, this works with liquid and dry ingredients. You won’t even need to hold it up or put it on a perfectly flat surface to make sure it’s level (like with most measuring cups).


These exfoliating masks that will make your feet feel new in 2 weeks

It’s obvious why these fruit extract foot peel masks are so popular — they’re easier and way more soothing to use than a pumice stone. Simply pull them on like little socks, relax with your favorite show for one hour, and the fruit acids will do their thing. Over the next two weeks, watch as old, dry skin and calluses satisfyingly peel away.


A motion sensor light strip that adds a convenient glow all over you home

Line your bed frame, nightstand, or even your bathroom cabinets with this motion sensor light strip, and it will create a soft and warm glow if you need to get up in the middle of the night. This LED-lined strip is super flexible and has 3M adhesive on the back, so you can basically wrap it around any piece of furniture or cabinet, and it will look built-in.


A reusable pet hair roller with 111,000 5-star reviews

Stop using sticky, gross lint roller sheets to clean up your pet’s fur. Instead, tackle the daily mess of hair on furniture with this reusable roller that uses electrostatic charge to effectively and quickly pick up fur. Plus, the hair you roll off your sofa or rug will end up in a tidy little compartment that’s easy to empty.


A timeless moisturizer & primer with shea butter

This soothing shea butter cream will save a ton of space in your skincare and makeup drawer because it works as a moisturizer, primer, and face mask. This versatile cream has been popular since the 1950s, and it’s easy to see why with its nourishing and hydrating soy protein and aloe vera formula. There’s also a bit of beeswax in this timeless cream to protect your skin.


This loose outlet plug that keeps your charger in place

These easy-to-install outlet add-ons will help to keep your heavy, bulky charger in place. They create a snug fit in the outlet, which is especially helpful if you tend to wake up to a half-charged phone because your outlet is loose and your charger falls on the floor. They’re also completely clear, so they won’t stand out on your wall.


A 20% vitamin C serum that’s brightening & moisturizing

This 20% vitamin C serum is so clever because it’s packed with nourishing ingredients, like jojoba oil and aloe vera leaf, which help to reduce unwanted redness and calm your skin. Beyond that, this hyaluronic acid-packed formula will moisturize and brighten your skin and help out with annoying acne. As a bonus, you won’t have to put on a ton of your pricey moisturizer after.


These comfy flashlight gloves to tackle house projects

Instead of finding a spot to prop up a flashlight when you’re doing home projects, these flashlight gloves come with two bright LED lights on the thumb and index finger to guide you. They have a sleek fingerless design, so you can still grip your tools like usual. Plus, these stretchy gloves have an easy-to-use on-and-off button on top.


These breathable & durable under-bed storage bags with clear tops

These breathable under-bed bags come with a clear-top design, so you can easily see whatever you pack into them. Each one comes with a sturdy handle to pull them out when you need a spare throw blanket or extra shoes. Meanwhile, the zipper opens the top all the way up, so you can quickly grab things without messing up their organization.


This 18-in-1 tool that fits easily in your wallet

Carry a can opener, cell phone stand, screwdriver, wrench, ruler, and bottle opener all in your wallet. No, you don’t need a Mary Poppins bag, you can just slide in this multi-tool. It has 18 different functionalities in its slim, steel design that’s durable and strong.


These invisible patches that get rid of unwanted zits overnight

These hydrocolloid patches are the easiest option to reach for when you have an uncomfortable pimple or spot. They’re way less messy than a serum or a liquid product, and they’ll be gentle on your skin the entire time you’re wearing them. They’re truly clear enough to blend into your skin, and when you see a little white spot, you know it’s time to peel the patches off.


A rechargeable deodorizer that looks *so* nice in the fridge

This USB-rechargeable fridge deodorizer doesn’t just absorb bad odors, it also circulates fresh oxygen to truly eliminate smells. You can easily turn it on standard or strong mode to keep your fridge fresh, and it will last three weeks per charge. You can even use this sleek little deodorizer all around your home, like in the pantry, closet, or even your car.


A tidy battery organizer with an easy-to-see-through top

This battery organizer might just be your new favorite thing in your home. It has tidy slots for every battery size from AAA to D, and they’ll all fit in a tidy little case with an easy-to-see-through cover. You can tuck this slim organizer into a drawer or hang it on the wall for easy access. You also get a removable tester to make sure all of the batteries are working and ready to go.


A bread dispenser that keeps loaves fresh & protected

There are so many reasons why it’s worth adding this bread dispenser to your pantry beyond just how fresh it keeps your loaves. Simply keep the loaf in the bag, so you can wrap it over the edges, pull the bag down, and a slice of bread will pop up. The durable design also prevents smushed bread, so you’ll always have the perfect slice for sandwiches.


These durable straps to hang cleaning & lawn supplies

You’ll find yourself using these super durable straps for everything around your home because their versatile design will help you wrap up and hang up just about anything. Simply wrap them around tools, jugs of cleaning products, the garden hose, and anything else up to 50 pounds. They’re completely weatherproof, and you can hang them anywhere with the rust-resistant loop on top.


A moisturizing scrub with trendy pink Himalayan salt

This antioxidant-rich scrub is made of trendy Himalayan salt and infused with lychee fruit oil to make it feel so luxurious. Mixed in with the chic-looking pink salt, this formula also has nourishing coconut oil, collagen, hydrating sweet almond oil, and more. That means it doesn’t just scrub away dry skin, it moisturizes your body, too.


These reusable dishcloths that you’ll use for everything

You can honestly swap out so many cleaning supplies with this simple pack of reusable dishcloths. Of course, their absorbent design is a good swap for paper towels, but they’ll also replace dish sponges, dusters, and cleaning rags. Their scrubby texture and absorbent yet quick-drying material will basically be your new go-to on cleaning day, as they have been for over 40,000 five-star reviewers.


This seatbelt cutter & window breaker that could seriously come in handy

Prepare for an emergency with the help of this car escape tool. Small enough to fit on your keys or hang from a rearview mirror, this keychain is a two-in-one seatbelt cutter and window breaker. It’s reusable, too, which makes it a small investment for a potentially life-saving pay-off.


A pumice stone cleaner to speed up cleaning projects

This durable pumice stone cleaner is the perfect swap for your grill brush, cleaning washcloth, and even your toilet brush. Keep one in the bathroom and one in the cleaning closet, and you’ll always have an easy way to quickly get rid of rust, water stains, limescale, and even food stuck on the grill. This reusable pumice stone will even help out with cleaning annoying bathroom tiles without the use of a chemical cleaner.


These essential oil steamers to elevate your everyday shower

These shower steamers are so clever because they give you the same soothing vibes as a luxurious bath bomb, but you can use them in your everyday shower. Each of these colorful steamers is packed with calming essential oils and dotted with little flowers or even metallic flakes to add to the luxe vibes. This pack also comes with refreshing scents for morning showers before work, like peony and pear.


An automatic water dispenser for a sleek countertop setup

This automatic water dispenser connects to gallons of water and water jugs from 1 to 6 gallons, and pours into a cup when you place it on the base. It will look so chic on your kitchen countertop or at your next backyard party, and it’s USB-rechargeable, which keeps the whole thing feeling and looking so modern.


An easy-to-install handle that prevents you from touching a toilet seat

Forget touching a grimy toilet seat — just use the included thick 3M tape to install this toilet seat handle. It goes right on the seat, which encourages those who stand to pee to lift said seat and allows them to do so without touching the toilet itself, keeping hands cleaner. This clever bathroom add-on comes in a two-pack, so you can install them all over the house.


A pack of rug grippers that still let you clean the floor

These corner-shaped grippers stick underneath your rug instead of your floors which is a serious game-changer. Why? You can easily lift up the rug on floor-cleaning day, or you can even move your rug to a new room if you’re changing up your decor. They’re also weatherproof if you need a non-slip solution for an outdoor rug.


This adjustable neck light with over 100,000 reviews

With over 100,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, this wearable reading light is a modern cult favorite. What makes it so great? The two LED lights are adjustable — not just how they’re directed to your book but also in light temperature and brightness. This clever gadget also has a 30-minute timer, which is helpful if you tend to doze off while reading your before bed novels.


This fresh-smelling soap with exfoliating pumice in it

Get the deepest, most exfoliating scrub of your life just by using this soap. The paraben- and sulfate-free bar does have ground pumice in it, which buffs away old, dry skin and leaves your body feeling super soft and smooth. Beyond its exfoliating properties, this soap smells intoxicatingly good with a woodsy scent.


These easy-to-carry can holders for your fridge

These can holders are seriously versatile fridge organizers because you can set them up horizontally or vertically. Each one comes with little cutouts to easily see your canned drink options. They also have handles on top, so you can move them around or pull a bunch of sodas out at once for dinner parties.


These motion sensor stair lights that look like pricey built-ins

Not only are these motion sensor stair lights super clever, but they’ll make your home look incredibly luxurious. They come with adhesive or screws, and both mounting options are ridiculously easy to use on your stairs. This battery-operated pack also casts a warm white glow that will look so cozy when you walk by.


These cubes & laundry bag for a super tidy suitcase

With their structured and reinforced design, it’s so easy to neatly compress all of your travel essentials in these tidy little cubes. You get four different sizes, so you can puzzle piece these breathable zip-top bags into your suitcase or carry-on tote bag. You also get a drawstring laundry bag — a must for your suitcase.


A quick-to-use derma roller for luxurious exfoliation

Skip the pricey facial and add this chic little derma roller to your skincare bag instead. It’s an easy-to-use deep exfoliating option with 540 titanium microneedles to really make your skin glow. You can use this once a week before your moisturizer or expensive vitamin C serum for deeper penetration.


This compact pocket that attaches to your entryway light switch

This little pocket is perfect for your entryway because it attaches right to a light switch or outlet without any adhesive or screws — instead it sits right on the raised edge. It’s great for holding small essentials like sunglasses, face masks, and hand sanitizer. Plus, comes with four little hooks on the bottom, so you have a spot for all of your keys without buying a pricey entryway table.


This meat & potato masher with a 4.7-star rating

Break up ground meat quickly, mix up best-ever tuna sandwich, or mash potatoes quickly for a hearty side with this masher. The five blades on the bottom of this heat-resistant nylon kitchen tool chop, mash, and mix all at the same time, which saves you from breaking out the spoon, whisk, and hand mixer. If you don’t believe in this tools usefulness, just peep the 43,000 five-star reviews on Amazon to see why this is a new fan-favorite.


An aesthetic travel cup that holds 2 different drinks at once

This travel cup has two separate sides, so you can bring your iced latte and your favorite sparkling water with you without having to carry around two different cups. Each side even comes with its own flip-up straw to easily take a sip of your coffee or water without moving the straw every time. You can also put the aesthetic domed lid on top to prevent spills.


These chic gold-tone hooks to clip over your glass shower door

These metallic hooks are gentle enough to go right over your glass shower door, so you’ll have a chic spot for your towel, loofah, or robe. Beneath the glossy finish, these hooks are made of rust-resistant stainless steel to keep them looking nice.


A 3-sided buffer that leaves your natural nails smooth & shiny

Your nails will be healthier and smoother than ever with the help of this three-sided nail buffer. The first side smooths out your nails, the second side polishes them, and the third buffs them. The result of using this genius tool is nails that are smoother and shinier than ever without the use of messy polishes.


A pot strainer that cleverly clips onto pots & pans

You might throw away that clunky metal colander in your cabinet after the first time you clip on this compact strainer onto your pots. It has a built-in pour spout, and the silicone material is also completely non-stick to keep pasta noodles in the pot instead of stuck to the strainer.


These waterproof lights that stick onto your grill

Instead of installing pricey lighting on your patio, simply carry these bendable LED lights outside with you when you grill. The magnetic base will stick right onto your grill wherever you need them the most. They also come with a carrying case and are completely waterproof in case it starts raining before your food is done.


These 24-karat gold eye masks with a rejuvenating formula

These 24-karat gold eye masks are obviously popular with their fun-to-wear glittery design, but they’re also seriously refreshing. The de-puffing formula will brighten your skin so it’s actually glowing, and these collagen-increasing masks will even help you look alert and awake even when that’s the farthest thing from the truth.


An easy-to-use roller to protect mail & documents

This little identity protection tool will roll right over whatever mail or sensitive documents you need to throw away, so you won’t have to buy a pricey shredder. It’s compact enough to fit in your desk drawer, and it comes with three refills to make this solution super long-lasting.


These drill brushes for quick & thorough cleaning

This cleaning pack comes with three durable clip-on drill brushes to thoroughly and deeply scrub your home with very little effort on your part. These best-selling accessories come in five different densities, with the lightest working on glass and leather, while the heaviest is good for grills and industrial cleaning.


A mess-free splatter screen that you’ll use every day

This rust-resistant splatter screen will keep your kitchen completely grease-free, no matter how messy that new recipe ends up being. The heat-resistant mesh design sits right on top of your pan to stop any oil (or even sauce) splatters from messing up your countertop. You can also flip it over and use this screen as a cooling rack for baking projects.


A stylish dispenser that helps you quickly grab breakfast

This 32-ounce cereal dispenser has a clean design that will look nice no matter where you put it on your counter or in the pantry. It comes with easy-to-use levers on each side, so you can quickly fill up your cereal bowl by just walking through the kitchen. Plus, it won’t crush any pieces of cereal in the process.


A super functional broom holder for tidy cleaning supplies

This easy-to-mount broom holder is the easiest way to tidy up your cleaning or gardening supplies without completely redoing your closet. The five broom-holding slots have super functional spring-loaded clamps. It also comes with six hooks on the front and screws and anchors to quickly add it to your closet. In total, this compact gadget can hold up to 35 pounds of supplies.


These easy-to-use shields for cat scratch-free furniture

Saving your sofa’s upholstery is as easy as sticking on these adhesive cat scratch shields. These transparent sheets will blend in with your furniture, and they even come with matching clear twist pins to make them extra secure. You can also cut them to fit the unique shape of your sofa’s armrest or the back of your favorite chair.


These customizable seat organizers with zero installation

Not only do these seat gap organizers keep your car cleaner by preventing small items from falling between the gaps in yoru sears, but they also give you a perfectly tidy spot for your phone, sunglasses, and more. They’re made of faux leather, so they’ll be such a sleek addition to your front seats. There’s pretty much zero installation, and they come with wedge-shaped inserts to customize the width for a secure fit for gaps between 0.5 and 2 inches.

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