50 Cheap Things That Make Your Home Look & Feel More Expensive With Almost No Effort

Affordable products for an expensive-looking space.

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Outside of work, home is where I spend the most amount of time — which is precisely why I like to try and make it look as nice as possible. The only catch is that I have to stick to my monthly budget, which immediately rules out any pricy renovations. Luckily, there are tons of cheap things on Amazon that can make any home look and feel more expensive with almost no effort. From solar-powered lights to plush all-season bedding, I’ve made sure to fill this list with items that every home can benefit from.


An affordable set of towels made from Turkish cotton

Not only is this set of six towels available for just $40 but they’re also made from soft, ring-spun Turkish cotton, making them just as absorbent as they are soft. The best part? The colors won’t fade after dozens of washes — and you even have the choice of two: dark grey or black.


A toilet brush set that fits into cramped spaces

Don’t have a ton of space between your toilet and the wall? Not a problem, as this toilet brush and holder are ultra-slim, making it easy to fit them into cramped spaces. The bristles on the brush are made from tough silicone, making it easy to scrub away grime as well as rinse them out afterward — and the holder even features ventilation holes to help prevent grimy water from building up.


The rustproof shower shelves that don’t require any drilling to install

There’s no need to worry about these shelves corroding in humid bathrooms, as they’re made from rustproof stainless steel that’s designed to last. Installation is also a total breeze; just use the waterproof adhesive that comes with each order to stick them right onto your tile walls.


The motion-sensor night lights that only turn on when it’s dark

There’s very little chance of these night lights running up your energy bills, as each one features a built-in motion sensor that prevents them from turning on when no one is around. But if that isn’t enough? They also have a dusk-to-dawn sensor that keeps them from turning on when it’s still bright out — and their brightness is even adjustable up to five levels.


The adjustable plant stand made from sleek bamboo

Placing pots directly on your floors can lead to scratches, so why not put them on this stand instead? It’s made from sleek bamboo — not plastic — and you can even adjust the height from 8 to 12 inches simply by flipping it upside down.


These glass carafes that come with airtight lids

Looking for an elegant way to serve drinks when guests are over? Search no further than these carafes. They’re made from sleek glass, and come with a matching airtight lid to help prevent spills should they accidentally get knocked over. Plus, the curved necks allow for easy pouring.


This silverware organizer that fits into tight drawers

Unlike those expanding silverware organizers you’ve likely seen, this one has a narrow design where the silverware compartments are layered on top of each other, allowing it to fit into tight drawers. Plus, the nonslip feet on the bottom help keep it from shifting out of place when you open and close the drawer.


These cooling pillows filled with soft down alternative

Hot sleepers will appreciate these pillows, as they’re filled with breathable down-alternative that can help you stay cool on warm nights. A zipper on the side lets you add or remove filling as you please — and unlike some pillows, these ones rebound quickly once flattened in order to keep you supported where you need it.


These glass salt & pepper grinders that let you adjust the coarseness

Consider these glass salt and pepper grinders a much-needed upgrade from the plastic shakers you’ve been using. A dial on the top lets you adjust how fine or coarse your spices come out — and the stainless steel tops are even designed to help keep your spices from scattering all over your tabletops.


This cozy throw blanket made from soft faux fur

Whether you’re snuggling up on a cold night or simply lounging during an afternoon nap, this throw blanket is an oh-so-comfy choice. It’s made from soft faux fur — and unlike some throws, this one has fur on both sides. You also have eight colors to choose from, ranging from classic black to a shimmering shade of teal.


A French press that won’t let grounds leak into your mug

With its fine-mesh filter that can be rinsed and reused hundreds of times, this French press is a solid pick for anyone who enjoys a smooth cup of coffee. The filter prevents grounds from pouring into your mug, while the sturdy body is made from a combination of stainless steel and tough borosilicate glass. Many reviewers also appreciated how it’s “easy to clean.”


This outlet extender with a shelf & built-in nightlight

Power up to nine devices with this space-saving outlet shelf that features a built-in nightlight and a handy shelf. The easily installed outlet extender has five A/C outlets, three USB-B outlets, and one USB-C outlet, all of which has surge protection. The shelf is detachable, too.


A sleek plastic bag dispenser that can be installed 2 ways

Neaten your drawer or cabinet by stashing up to 18 spare grocery bags in this plastic bag dispenser. The stainless steel exterior is fingerprint-proof so it stays looking nice and it can be mounted on a wall or in a cabinet with the included adhesive strips or screws and anchors. It’s also available in a few other finishes in the listing.


These washable fridge shelf liners that are trim-to-fit

Keep your fridge’s shelves safe from sticky messes and dripping with this eight-pack of shelf liners. The liners apply easily with water and can be removed for washing when needed. They’re available in several colors in the listing.


The olive wood charcuterie board with a unique shape

You might not be able to find a charcuterie board as stylish as this one in stores — especially at less than $25. It’s made from smooth olive wood and features a unique shape that gives it a touch of rustic charm. Plus, it only weighs about 2 pounds, so you shouldn’t have any trouble carrying it from kitchen to table.


An all-season comforter that’s hypoallergenic

You won’t have to swap this comforter out for a lighter option in the warm summer months, nor will you need to trade it in for something heavier in the winter — the down alternative filling is designed to keep you comfortable regardless of what season it is. And since it’s also hypoallergenic, there’s no need to worry about irritation.


This quick-drying math mat that doesn’t block doors

This bath mat was designed with a low profile so doors won’t catch on it, regardless of the layout of your bathroom. It also features a multi-layer construction that absorbs water in seconds. Choose from several sizes and colors in the listing to fit your decor. It’s earned a 4.3-star overall rating on Amazon with one shopper commenting, “We use one in front of our shower as a bath mat and another in front of our kitchen sink to catch the mess that washing dishes makes. They're rubbery, just soft enough for bare, wet feet, easy to vacuum and spray down, and they look good on almost any floor you put them.”


These gap covers with over 38,000 5-star reviews

Crumbs and spills will no longer seep into the gap between your stove and counter with the two-pack of gap covers in place. They come in black, clear, and white in the listing and a few sizes, but they’re also trim-to-fit. Installation is simple: Pop them in place and wipe clean when necessary.


The stainless steel mixing bowls that come with a set of measuring cups & spoons

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, these mixing bowls are a solid addition to any kitchen. Their flat bases make it easy to stir without having to hold them down in place — and each order even includes a variety of accessories, including a set of measuring spoons and cups, as well as a barrel handle whisk.


A door draft stopper that give doors a finished look

Give doors with a gap a more finished look with this self-adhesive door draft stopper — no drilling required. The stopper comes in five colors to match your door and two sizes, but it can be cut for a perfect fit. Reviewers note that the stopper can help lower energy bills and keep out pests, too.


This iron pot and pan organizer that expands & has adjustable dividers

Keep your pots and pans easily accessible and prevent scratches with this expandable pot and pan organizer. It features 10 adjustable dividers and can be stretches from 12 to 23.2 inches wide to hold your entire cookware collection. Anti-slip feet on the bottom keep it firmly in place and a premium coating covers the iron base to prevent damage.


An electric whisk that can help spice up your morning coffee

Tired of drinking the same cup of coffee every morning? Then this electric whisk is definitely worth a look. It only takes a few seconds to whip milk into a delicious froth — and if you enjoy baking, it can even whisk egg whites into stiff peaks when making meringue. Plus, the motor runs at a near-silent level, so there’s no need to worry about disturbing others at the office.


This wireless charger that’s compatible with nearly any phone brand

As long as your phone is Qi-enabled, this wireless charger is designed to work with it, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or Android. The indicator light changes colors so that you can easily tell when your phone has been successfully connected — and you can even use it to recharge AirPods.


These outdoor string lights that cast a warm, cozy glow

There’s no need to worry about how these string lights will fare outdoors, as their weatherproof design ensures they’ll keep working in rain or snow. The globe bulbs cast a warm, cozy glow that’s perfect for setting a relaxing vibe after a long day — and you can even connect up to three 25-foot strands together in order to cover large spaces.


An electric kettle designed with stainless steel

Not only is this electric kettle great for busy mornings when you don’t want to dirty up your stove, but many reviewers also raved about how it was able to bring water to a boil in just a few short minutes. Its brushed stainless steel exterior helps keep it free from fingerprints, all while an automatic shut-off works to help keep you safe should you ever forget to unplug it.


These adhesive battery-powered lights that come with a remote

Add lighting under your cabinets, in a closet, in the back of a cabinet, or on the stairs with this three-pack of self-adhesive lights. The lights are easily installed with their self-adhesive backings and they come with a remote that allows you to dim them or set them on a timer. They’re battery operated and have a 100-hour run time.


A toothpaste dispenser that’s *so* easy to install

There are no tools required when installing this toothpaste dispenser, as each order comes with a double-sided adhesive that lets you easily press it into place on your walls. Simply press your toothbrush into the trigger, and it’ll squirt out the ideal amount of toothpaste — no waste within sight.


These rug corner grippers that can be used indoors & out

Whether your rug is curling at the corners or ends up askew every few days, this four-pack of rug corner grippers will put an end to your woes. The grippers are weatherproof so they can be used on indoor and outdoor rugs, and they attach to your rug via adhesive on the back of each piece.


A stainless steel bar that holds onto tools, knives, & more

Whether you need somewhere to store knives in your kitchen or your toolbox is looking a little cramped, this bar has got you covered. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel and features a series of strong magnets in the back that hold onto knives, tools, and more, holding them firmly in place until you need them. Choose from six sizes ranging from 10 to 24 inches.


The countertop trash can that’s resistant to fingerprints

Tea bags, sugar packets, plastic wrappers — this little trash can is perfect for all those small pieces of garbage that wind up accumulating on your counters over the course of a day. It’s made from brushed stainless steel, making it both rust- as well as fingerprint-resistant. Plus, the swinging lid helps keep everything out of sight until you’re ready to empty it out.


A faux marble tray that’s great for organizing messy vanities

Skincare bottles, hair ties, soap dispensers — this tray is a stylish place to organize all those items sitting out on your vanity. It’s made from sleek resin, with a faux white marble finish that makes it look way more expensive than it is. Plus, the heavyweight even makes it feel like real marble should a guest decide to pick it up.


These whiskey stones that are made from sleek granite

Keep these whiskey stones in your freezer, and they’ll always be ready to go whenever you want to enjoy a chilled cocktail. They won’t melt over time like regular ice does, which means they won’t dilute your drink over time — and each one is even made from sleek granite stone.


A peel-&-stick backsplash that’s resistant to heat & moisture

Not all homes come with a backsplash — but if you’d like to install one, this peel-and-stick option is just as renter-friendly as it is easy to install. Simply peel off the adhesive backing, then press it into place the same way you would with a giant sticker. And since the tiles are heat- as well as moisture-resistant, there’s no need to worry about how they’ll fare behind your hot stove.


The glass canisters that come with airtight bamboo lids

Not only are these glass canisters great for spices, but each one also comes with a matching bamboo lid that’s completely airtight, helping keep everything inside fresh until you’re ready to use it. Or, if your spices are already looking organized, you can also use them to store office supplies, hair ties, and more in a stylish way.


These razor hooks that won’t rust in humid bathrooms

There’s no need to worry about these hooks corroding in humid bathrooms, as each one is made from rust-resistant stainless steel. There’s also no drilling required in order to set them up, as each order comes with waterproof adhesive included — and you even have the choice of two finishes: silver or black.


A rainfall shower head that can help improve low water pressure

With its advanced air intake system that gives low water pressure a much-needed boost, this rainfall shower head gives any shower a luxurious, spa-like feel. The best part? It’s made from lightweight plastic with a chrome-plated finish, and the swivel ball connector joint even lets you point it in nearly any direction.


This lint & fur remover with 112,000+ 5-star reviews

After more than 147,000 reviews, this popular pet hair and lint remover has garnered a 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon. There’s no dealing with sticky sheets — the remover uses static electricity to suck up lint, fur, and hair that you roll over on furniture, carpets, rugs, clothing, and more. To empty the chamber, simple press a button the back and you’re ready to use it again.


A wireless doorbell that lets you know when someone is approaching

Guests won’t have to ring this wireless doorbell for you to know they’re arriving, as each order includes a motion sensor that you can place on walkways, mailboxes, or nearly anywhere else on your property. It also comes pre-loaded with more than 50 chimes — about one for every week of the year — and the chime volume is even adjustable up to four levels.


These affordable throw pillow cases made from faux leather

You don’t have to pay high prices for high-quality throw pillowcases — especially when it comes to these faux leather ones. Each one features a thick zipper on the side that makes it easy to adjust the loft as high or low as you like. You also have the choice of eight sizes, ranging from small rectangles to large 28 by 28 squares.


This rustic key holder with extra space for mail

It’s almost too easy to misplace your keys when you get home — unless you have this key holder perched next to your doorway. Seven hooks give you tons of space to hang keys, lanyards, purses, and more, while a small shelf on the top is the perfect place to keep mail until you’re ready to open it. It’s also made from real wood — not plastic.


A rechargeable lighter that won’t go out in the wind

Instead of wasting money on disposable flame lighters, why not upgrade to this rechargeable one? Instead of flame, it produces an electronic plasma arc that you can use to light candles, grills, and more — but unlike flame, it won’t go out in strong winds. Plus, the indicator lights on the side let you know when it’s ready to be recharged.


The LED picture light that doesn’t require any complicated wiring

Looking for ways to showcase art on your walls? Search no further than this picture light, as its bright LED bulb highlights any type of art you hang underneath. Installation is also a total breeze, as it’s powered using three AA batteries (which are not included) — no complicated wiring required.


These roomy under-bed storage containers for less than $7 each

This two-pack of under-bed storage containers are a budget-friendly way to declutter your home and put away out-of-season clothing and shoes. Each one features a see-through lid, sturdy zipper, and durable handle on the side, so it’s easy to quickly access what you need and stash what you don’t. One reviewer wrote, “Very lightweight so they are very easy to handle, slipping under beds. Also a nice size and holds more than expected.”


A shower soap dispenser that’s shatter-resistant

There’s no need to drill into your shower walls when installing this soap dispenser, as each order comes with double-sided adhesive included — though you’ll also receive a set of anchors and screws just in case you’d prefer a more permanent mount. Plus, its plastic body is shatter-resistant.


The faux garage door hinges that can help improve your home’s curb appeal

The outside of your home is the first impression you make on guests, so why not give it a boost by adding these faux hinges to your garage door? Their magnetic backing makes installation a total breeze — and each one even has a rust-iron finish that makes them look incredibly real, even up close.


A sleek, compact power strip that sits against your outlets

Unlike some power strips where the plug juts out from the wall, this one features a flat plug that sits against your outlets, giving it a subtle appearance while also letting you push furniture right up against it. The power cable is 8 feet long, and each order even includes adhesive cable clips so that you can secure the power cable to the wall if desired.


These wool dryer balls that can help you cut down on utility bills

Swap out your dryer sheets with these dryer balls, and they’ll help aerate your clothes as they tumble, which can lead to your clothes drying even faster. Plus, each one is even reusable through hundreds of loads — and you can store them in the included canvas bag between laundry days.


A roll of white marble contact paper that’s renter-friendly

Looking for cheap ways to upgrade your kitchen? Search no further than this roll of contact paper. It’s made from tough vinyl that’s been printed to look just like white marble — even up close. And since it’s water-resistant, you can even install it on top of outdated kitchen counters without having to worry about how it’ll fare near your sink.


The LED grill lights that are water-resistant

It can be hard to see how done your meats are when grilling at night, so why not grab these lights? Their super-bright LED bulbs make it easy to tell when it’s time to flip those steaks, while the magnetic bases allow you to attach them to your grill without any tools needed. Plus, their water-resistant design makes it safe to use them when raining.


A Can Organizing Rack That Can Be Stacked

A streamlined pantry always looks high-end and this can organizer can declutter one of the biggest offenders. Even better, the 36-can rack can be stacked for even more storage and it’s available in a few finishes in the listing. One shopper wrote, “What a great way to store your canned goods! Easy to put together!”

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