50 Bougie Things for Your Home That Are Surprisingly Under $30 on Amazon

High-end vibes for every space in your home.

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50 Bougie Things for Your Home That Are Surprisingly Under $30 on Amazon
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Bougie on a budget sounds like an oxymoron, but this list proves that items with surprisingly high-end vibes can cost less than $30. From decor to spruce up spaces around your home to functional finds that you soon won’t be able to live without (like a lighter that works in the wind and rain), scroll on for a variety of elevated home products with rave reviews.


This plush comforter that has 74,000+ 5-star reviews on Amazon

This plush comforter is made from soft microfiber with a down alternative filling that’s spread evenly thanks to its box-stitched pattern. Utilize the four corner loops to secure it in a duvet cover or use it on its own. Choose from sizes ranging from twin to California king, plus seven colors in the listing.


These insulating blackout curtains that come in several colors & lengths

This pair of blackout curtain panels look and feel luxurious, but they’re also practical because they block out up to 99.9% of sunlight (including UV rays), reduce noise, and provide insulation to save on energy costs. They’re machine washable as well. Choose from various lengths and solid colors in the listing.


This outlet cover that comes with a cord concealer kit

“Takes away the cluttered look of cords [...] Makes such a huge difference in the way plug ins look,” wrote one reviewer about this outlet cover. The ultra-thin device plugs into a standard outlet and covers the whole thing to conceal it, then the power strip can be utilized to charge your electronics. Also included are adhesive strips and cord clips to neatly secure the 3-foot cord to the wall. An 8-foot version is also available in the listing.


These glass watering globes that work for 2 weeks

These watering globes will keep your plants hydrated when you forget to or are unable to water. The set comes with three bird-shaped glass globes that can each hold enough water to keep your greenery watered for up to two weeks. “These lovely glass watering birds exceeded my expectations,” wrote one fan.


These chair leg covers that stretch to fit

Slide these chair leg covers on furniture pieces throughout your home (it comes with 16 pieces) to protect the floors below. They’re stretchy to adapt to the shape of the specific leg, though there are various size options to pick from in the listing. Choose from clear or colored options as well.


These luxe shower steamers in six different scents

Bring the spa into your own bathroom when you use these aromatherapy steamers while you’re showering. With scents like calming lemongrass, refreshing watermelon, and mood brightening peony, these pucks are activated by the steam in your shower to create a long-lasting and rich aroma.


These reusable dish cloths that absorb 20x their weight in liquid

These reusable dish cloths will help you save money while reducing your single-use paper product consumption. They absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid, and can be used to wash or dry dishes, wipe hands, or clean surfaces with cleaning solution. They’re machine washable, last nine to 12 months, and leave a streak-free shine on glass, wood, marble, stainless steel, and tile.


This space-saving tray table that clamps onto a couch

Don’t have the space or desire for end tables next to your sofa? This clip-on tray table is the alternative. It’ll fit on round, square, or curved arms that are 4 to 9 inches wide, and the spring-loaded legs secure it in place. Choose from brown, black, or white colors in the listing based on your space’s aesthetic.


This bidet attachment that’s so easy to install

Achieve a more thorough post-bathroom clean with this bidet attachment that connects to your toilet. The installation is DIY-friendly; no electrical hook-ups or additional plumbing necessary. The bidet has a control dial to tweak the pressure and nozzle placement and has earned 13,000-plus five-star reviews on Amazon.


This powerful portable blender with a rechargeable battery

With this portable blender, you can blend and drink delicious smoothies wherever and whenever. It can hold up to 14 ounces, and the motor and stainless steel blades are powerful enough to crush ice cubes and frozen ingredients without issue. You’ll be able to blend about 20 drinks before needing to recharge the device.


These damage-free display ledges that can hold 2 pounds each

Display photos, small plants, or a candle on this pair of display ledges. They won’t cause any damage to the wall underneath when removed (nor will they leave behind any sticky residue). The set comes with eight mounting strips and two ledges, each of which can support up to two pounds.


A pair of sleek adhesive shelves that come in a few finishes

Made from stainless steel, this pair of bathroom shelves look high-end and sleek. But they are also practical with roomy shelves and multiple removable hooks for various items, plus drainage at the bottom to keep everything dry. Hang them up using the included adhesive (no drilling required).


A chic wireless picture light that comes with a remote

Illuminate special photos or artwork with this battery-powered picture light. Use the included remote control to tweak settings like brightness, color temperature, and the timer. The light’s flexible head rotates to shine wherever desired. Choose from gold, black, or silver finishes in the listing.


This shake-to-dispense ice cube tray that can be placed at any angle in your freezer

Cheap plastic ice trays spill easily and make it impossible to get ice out. Upgrade to this ice-making tray that’s watertight (regardless of how it's placed in the freezer), and once frozen, the ice pops out when you pull on the side straps — you don’t even need to touch the ice to remove it, you just shake out the cubes you need.


This neck roll pillow with a washable bamboo cover

This neck roll pillow can be used to cradle your neck or under your knees to reduce tension in your back. It’s 18 inches long, made with plush memory foam, and the bamboo cover is machine washable. “This is the perfect size for a neck pillow. It forms around your shoulder and gives the proper amount of support,” wrote one fan.


These granite whiskey stones that won’t dilute your drink

If you’re a whiskey drinker, these whiskey stones ensure your favorite drink is chilled, yet not watered down — they can also be used to cool wine, cold brew, and mixed cocktails. The six cube-shaped stones are made from natural granite and they come in a wooden tray. Stick the whole thing in the freezer for at least four hours before plopping two to four cubes in your drink at a time. They come nicely packaged for potential gift giving as well.


A stainless steel dough whisk that’s dishwasher safe

This wonky-looking tool has a useful purpose: The looped design allows you to thoroughly and evenly blend all types of dough without over-mixing, creating tough baked goods. Whip up biscuits, scones, and other tasty treats with it. The 12-inch tool is made from stainless steel that’s dishwasher safe.


An elegant diffuser set with an earthy pine & clove scent

This diffuser set features a pine and clove scent that’s described as refreshing, earthy, and calming. Add the included reed sticks to the sleek bottle to strengthen the scent or remove them to lessen it as desired. “Beautiful in [a] minimalist space,” wrote one commenter.


This charcuterie board with a built-in knife drawer

Your guests will never believe you got this gorgeous bamboo charcuterie board at this budget-friendly price. It has deep groves around the perimeter to add dimension to your cheese and cracker display, and is made of scratch, odor, and stain-resistant wood. And it even has a built-in drawer to store the four included cheese knives that help you serve and cut.


A 3-pack of hanging woven baskets that can hold 22 pounds each

Store your fruit in style with these hanging baskets. They’re handwoven from cotton and the set comes with three baskets in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as two styles of hanging hooks that can support up to 22 pounds each. Place fruits and veggies in them, or even other items like flowers.


These flexible cutting boards with a non-slip surface

Check out your new favorite cutting boards. Made of extra thick, food-grade plastic, the cutting boards are flexible and bendable to easily slide your cut food into a bowl and also store. It has a textured back that keeps it from slipping while you’re slicing, and each color is designated for a different food group — meat, fish, veggies — to avoid cross contamination.


A pair of ceiling fan pull chains that come in three finishes

Swap out the run-of-the-mill pull chains on your ceiling fan with these chic gold chains — one features a tiny fan, while the other has a light bulb so you can keep the cords straight. The chains are 13.6 inches long, though they can be shortened if necessary. They’re also available in two other finishes in the listing.


These rug corner grippers that can be used indoors & out

Curled rugs are a tripping hazard and eyesore. Fix them with these corner grippers that prevent rugs from sliding as well. The grippers will stick to any indoor or outdoor rug and they won’t cause damage to the surface below. Should the grippers start to lose their hold, use rubbing alcohol to wipe them down to renew the stickiness.


A pair of double-walled glass mugs that microwave- & dishwasher-safe

The double-walled construction of these coffee mugs keeps your hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool for longer. Plus, it also prevents condensation from forming on the exterior. The minimalist mugs are made from sturdy borosilicate glass that’s dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe.


This $10 set of handwoven coasters with a metal holder

These handwoven coasters are functional but pretty to look at, too. They’re made from a blend of cotton and linen for absorbency, and the set includes eight in total with four different designs. Utilize the black metal holder to store the coasters when not in use.


A battery-powered milk frother that can stand independently

Make barista-quality drinks at home with the assistance of this stainless steel milk frother. It’ll whip all types of milk — including soy, almond, cashew, and other varieties — into foamy goodness in just 15 seconds. It’s powered by two AA batteries, making it cordless for easier maneuvering. To keep counters clean and the whisk hygienic, simply stand it on the base of the handle.


This nostalgic indoor s’mores maker that’s electric

There’s something about sitting around a campfire and enjoying s’mores that feels nostalgic. Bring that energy to the indoors with this electric s’mores maker. The heater plugs into an outlet for power and two long stainless steel forks are included for warming marshmallows safely. Utilize the four compartments to organize the rest of the s’mores-making components.


A luxurious faux sheepskin area rug that’s super soft

Add a plush and cozy accent to your home with this white faux fur sheepskin rug — some reviewers even drape it over a sofa, bench, or chair. It’s made from a blend of hypoallergenic materials with a faux suede backing to prevent it from sliding around when walked on. Surprisingly, it’s machine washable.


A glass rimmer for the best margaritas

With three separate tiers for salt, sugar, and lime juice, this glass rimmer is a must-have for any at-home bar. “This is perfect to salt the rim when making margaritas. It’s also a lot of fun for parties, my guests enjoyed making them!” wrote one reviewer. The labeled compartments can be opened up for access, but they nest inside one another for compact storage. Plus, the whole thing is dishwasher safe.


This portable humidifier that’ll run for up to 8 hours

This mini humidifier is powerful yet portable. Use it to add humidity to the air — choose from either a continuous or intermittent output — in your bedroom, office, or even your car. It has a quiet operation and it’s runs for eight hours per charge.


An on-trend set of 2 ceramic vases & a wood bead garland

For just $20, this vase and wooden bead set is a great deal — group the pieces together for a bigger impact or utilize them in different spaces for a decorative touch. The vases are made from ceramic and feature two different sizes. And the natural wooden garland is 30 inches long.


An expandable bamboo drawer organizer for cutlery & cooking utensils

With its expandable design, this drawer organizer has anywhere from six to eight individual compartments to organize your cutlery and flatware — and this feature also means it can adjust in size to fit in most drawers with ease (it’s 20 inches wide when expanded). It’s made from natural bamboo that's water resistant for durability, and there’s also a larger option in the listing.


A 17-ounce motion-activated soap dispenser

For effortless and more hygienic soap dispensing, use this battery-operated dispenser. It can hold up to 17 ounces at a time, and it’ll dispense a specific amount of soap (you customize the volume using a dial on the back) any time the sensor detects movement. The water-resistant device can be mounted or placed on the counter.


These voice-controlled smart light bulbs with 16 million color options

Swap your regular light bulbs with this pair of smart bulbs that can be controlled hands-free via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Use the free compatible app to choose from over 16 million color options and dimmer settings. The bulbs can even be set to sync to the rhythm of your favorite songs.


A rechargeable plasma lighter that won’t get blown out by wind

Thanks to its flameless design, this electric candle lighter can light candles, a stove, a grill, and more in any weather (including high winds). The lighter can be recharged via USB, so it can be reused endlessly. The LED indicator lights let you know when it’s fully charged and how much battery power is left, too.


This durable stainless steel turntable with nonslip feet

Organize your spices, condiments, and other smaller items on this two-tier turntable. It’s made from brushed stainless steel and will rotate smoothly for all-around access — the rimmed design ensures nothing falls off. Nonslip feet on the bottom keep it firmly in the place.


A collapsible vented food cover to keep your microwave clean

A best-seller on Amazon, this food cover prevents splatters from dirtying your microwave as you warm your food. It’s made from BPA-free plastic and silicone with small holes in the top for steam to escape. It’s completely heat resistant and collapses down for compact storage. Pick from small, medium, and large sizes (plus a few colors) in the listing.


A batter dispenser for perfectly even pancakes & muffins

This batter dispenser uses a trigger pull system to create evenly sized pancakes, muffins, cupcakes — you name it — every time. It has pre-labeled measurements up to four cups for easy baking and allows you to control exactly how much batter you pour out with every pull.


This chic shower curtain with a thick waffle texture

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom aesthetic, one easy — and budget friendly — way to do it is by swapping out your old shower curtain for this chic one. The thick, waffle-textured curtain is waterproof and features a hidden weighted hem to keep it in place while you’re showering.


A popular kit to grow mushrooms indoors in 10 days

If you enjoy cooking with mushrooms, grow them year-round in your home with the help of this growing kit. Anyone can pull it off — just place the box near a window with indirect light, mist it twice a day with water, and then soon it’ll start to grow. The mushrooms are organic and not genetically modified.


This portable steamer that can run for up to 15 minutes straight

This handheld steamer has a water tank that holds up to 240 milliliters, providing up to 15 minutes of continuous steam to eliminate wrinkles and creases from your clothes. It’s safe to use on various fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, and nylon. The steamer is compact for travel and has a 9-foot power cord.


A wine aerator & stopper set with a 4.5-star overall rating

While this wine aerator and stopper set qualifies as bougie, it’s also functional. The aerator infuses the optimal amount of oxygen into your wine so that you can taste all of the nuances — and the pouring spout ensures no drips or spills occur. If you didn’t finish the bottle, use the tapered silicone stopper to create an airtight seal to maintain freshness.


These stainless steel mixing bowls with airtight lids

Great for baking, serving, meal prep — you name it — these stainless steel bowls do it all. The set of five nest for space-saving storage, and come with plastic lids for an airtight seal. They’re shatter proof, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe and have a flat bottom to stay sturdy while you’re cooking.


A pair of under-bed bags with tear-proof handles

Maximize storage space in your home with these under-bed bags. They’re ideal for stashing blankets and linens, seasonal clothing, shoes, and other items that you don’t need regular access to. The pair of bags are made from a lightweight fabric material with a see-through plastic cover to keep track of the contents inside. Utilize the side handle to pull the bags in and out as needed. Choose from three colors in the listing.


This chic cocktail making set with recipe cards

This set has everything you need to become the at-home bartender of your dreams. It includes a mixing spoon, muddler, 24 ounce cocktail shaker, double jigger, liquid pourers, and a velvet bag to store everything. It even has a book of cocktail recipes to help you learn the basics.


A Moscow mule set with genuine copper mugs & helpful accessories

You can’t make a proper Moscow mule without these food-safe copper mugs — they work well for other mixed drinks as well. They feature a hammered finish and welded handles for strength. Also included are two copper straws, a cleaning brush, and a measuring jigger to round out the set.


This fan-favorite mattress pad for comfort & protection

Protect your mattress and make it more comfortable with this fitted padded mattress pad. It features all-around elastic and it’s designed for mattresses up to 16 inches thick. There are many other sizes available in the listing, including harder-to-find ones like RV king and short queen.


A 4-port USB charging dock that comes with cables

Use this charging dock to power up to four devices at once — it universally supports all types of USB cables, including micro-USB and USB-C. It’s compact to take up minimal room wherever you choose to set it up, and it also comes in six-port options in the listing.


A best-selling reusable pet hair remover that’s easy to empty

Roll this pet hair remover back and forth on any surface (including furniture and clothes) to trap shed hair directly in the receptacle — the device doesn’t use any sticky tape or adhesive, so it can be reused as needed. Once full, dump the hair into the trash.


This elegant glass decanter that creates an airtight seal

Crafted from Italian glass, this 23.75-ounce decanter makes an elegant addition to your home bar — and it’s surprisingly under $25. The geometric stopper creates an airtight seal to keep whiskey, brandy, bourbon, wine, and other drinks fresh, and the sloped sides of the bottle provide a comfortable grip while pouring.

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