Any of These Cheap Things Could Make Your Backyard So Much Better

Embrace the outdoors.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Elevating your outdoor space doesn’t have to involve gardening all day or spending way too much on weatherproof furniture. Instead, you can grab any of these cheap things, and your yard will look so much better and be so much more enjoyable — even if you don’t have a ton of cash.

These upgrades come with so many other perks, like making your patio space feel cozier, getting rid of annoying bugs, and instantly making outdoor dinner parties look more aesthetic.


These Incense Sticks With Luxurious & Bug-Repelling Essential Oils

These mosquito-repelling sticks last for up to three hours, and their DEET-free design also comes with a bunch of luxurious essential oils like rosemary, lemongrass, and, of course, that bug-repelling citronella. That means they will actually smell pleasant — all while looking like and working like classic incense sticks.


This Snap-on Umbrella Light That’s Easy to Dim

When small candles aren’t enough for outdoor parties, pop this LED light with timer settings on your patio umbrella to light up your table and deck area. It simply snaps around the umbrella pole, and you can easily dim the lights with the included remote for the perfect backyard dinner party vibe.


A Durable Hummingbird Feeder That Doubles as Outdoor Decor

Having a hummingbird feeder doesn’t have to be a huge hassle with this plastic feeder because it’s leakproof and even bug-proof (so you’ll rarely have to clean up sticky hummingbird food). The easy-to-fill design looks like expensive watercolor glass, and it’s even heat-resistant enough to put out when it’s hot.


These Sturdy Drink Holders That Are Easy to Move Around the Yard

These drink holders are such an easy way to save on pricey outdoor furniture because they’ll hold all of your drinks without needing another side table or a pricey chair with cupholders. These sturdy metal stakes are also easy to move around the yard for different parties, and they come with a storage case. They’re also different colors, so it’s easy to remember which of these twisty holders you put your drink in.


This Versatile Sun Shade That Looks so Chic

This sun shade will make your patio look way more expensive and put-together than a classic umbrella does. The sophisticated triangle shape has durable hardware to make it easy to hang up over your patio furniture, all while blocking 95% of UV ways. Plus, you can hang a few of these breathable shades next to each other for more patio coverage.


A Soothing Rain Chime With a Vintage-Style Design

Even if you already have a wind chime, it’s worth grabbing this unique chime because it creates a soothing sound every time it rains. The vintage-style watering can and bucket design will add some shavvy chic charm no matter what other patio decor you have going on. There’s also a hanging hook, so this dainty-looking (but durable and rust resistant) chime is easy to hang.


This Paintable Stepping Stone That Comes in 12 Playful Shapes

This paintable stepping stone has a little butterfly shape that will look so cute in your garden. It comes with paint, and there’s zero prep involved, so you can quickly decorate it with whatever colors match your patio decor. The durable ceramic design also already has a mosaic pattern built-in and comes in 12 different designs, including a flower, sun, and heart.


This Budget-Friendly Pack of Wildflower Seeds

These wildflower seeds are such an easy way to elevate your outdoor space without buying a bunch of flowers and greenery for your landscaping. This small resealable and moisture-proof pack comes with 64,000 seeds, so you can spread baby snapdragons, marigolds, wild cosmos, and more all around your yard for a colorful view.


A Simple Outdoor Dart Game That’s Free of Sharp Edges

You won’t have to clutter up your yard with party games if you keep this fun lawn darts set on your patio. It comes with weighted pieces for tossing (no sharp darts here) and two easy-to-move dart rings, so you can easily set up this game no matter how much lawn space you have.


This Cotton Hammock Chair With Trendy Woven Straps

This budget-friendly backyard chair looks so on-trend with the plush cotton fabric, light wood accents, and woven hanging straps for a macrame-style moment. It also has a built-in cushion to make it this easy-to-hang chair just as comfy as any sofa. You also get a pretty big pocket hidden in the hammock-shaped design for your phone or bug spray.


These Mess-Free Rainbow Pouches for Colorful Bonfires

Keep these packs of colorful fire pouches with all of your backyard party supplies because they’ll add a colorful touch to your bonfire. You toss in one entire pouch, so you won’t have to open anything or worry about messes. The end result will be a fun fire with shades of blue, pink, orange, purple, and more.


These Solar Lights With a Whimsical & Bendable Design

These unique solar-powered, remote-controlled garden lights look way more aesthetic than those classic yard stake lights that are popping up everywhere. They’re topped off with flexible copper wires dotted with lights that will look so whimsical for outdoor dinner parties. You can also bend these waterproof lights into a bunch of unique shapes to fit your style. They’re available in warm white, cool white, and multicolor.


A Minimalist Bird Bath That Clips Right on to Your Deck

This rust-resistant bird bath has a sleek design that looks way more modern than a classic bulky bird bath in your yard. You simply twist the damage-free base right onto your deck’s railing, and the aesthetic bowl on top is ready to be filled with water. Plus, you can pull off the durable bowl anytime you need to clean it thoroughly.


A Seriously Cute Watermelon Pool for Parties or Lazy Lounging

This outdoor pool has a watermelon design for a seriously fun accent in your yard. It’s suitable for families with children looking for some midday relief from the heat, but it’s also great for dipping your toes into while lounging and reading a book.


A Weatherproof Box To Tuck Away a Power Strip & Outdoor Cords

Add your go-to power strip to this weatherproof box, and your cords will be plugged-in and protected — even if it rains. It’s durable enough to keep in your yard for the cords you need in your yard on a daily basis because it’s completely snow- and dirt-proof.


This Glowy Bluetooth Speaker That You Can Install 4 Different Ways

This compact Bluetooth speaker won’t ruin your patio decor because it has an LED light that looks like a glowing campfire. You can also choose from three cozy patio light settings, including the classic campfire, a candlelight setting, and a bright light option. You can hang it, pop it on a patio table, wall mount it, or even use the included stake to stick it in your yard.


A Disco Ball Planter for a Touch of Glam With Your Patio Plants

Not only does this disco planter give you a spot for a hanging plant, but it also adds super aesthetic lighting to your patio every time the light hits it. Even with its quirky design, this planter is big enough for whatever pothos or ferns you choose to decorate your outdoor space with. You also get the choice of a simple chain or a trendy macrame hanger for your patio plant baby.


This Popular Inflatable Sofa That’s Easy to Pull out for Barbecues

This best-selling inflatable lounger is way more budget-friendly than buying another patio sofa, and you can also take this one to the beach. You get two mesh pockets on the side, so there’s plenty of room for snacks when you’re lounging in your yard. It also comes with a stake to keep it in place in the yard and a storage bag if you want to tuck it away after parties.


This Classic Croquet Set With a Convenient Storage Bag

This croquet set is such a classic backyard addition that looks way more aesthetic than most lawn games. It comes with light wood mallets and matching pegs that will look adorable in your outdoor space. You also get a carrying case to easily pack up and tuck away this iconic game after parties.


This Funky Tool That Adds More Charred Flavor to Your Hot Dogs

If you recognize that the charred, smoky outside of a hot dog is the best part, this slicing tool will absolutely revolutionize the way you grill. It has a simple diamond-shaped, stainless steel blades that create expanding slots as you cook. The result is crispier, more flavorful franks — and better backyard barbecues.


These Easy-to-Stick-on Solar Lights for Luxe Patio Lighting

These solar LED lights are such an easy yard add-on because their unique shape fits right on top of railings, stairs, fences, or even lining a raised stone patio. They come with adhesive or optional screws, so you can easily stick them all over your outdoor space to illuminate it in a warm white (or multicolor) glow.


A Tabletop Fireplace With a Minimalist Concrete Finish

Not only is this super compact tabletop fireplace perfect for cozy patio nights, but it will also look like a trendy ceramic decor piece on your table, whether you choose gray or black. It’s completely smokeless and odorless, so you can use this chic fireplace every night without leaving a gross smell on your patio.


These Expensive-Looking Wind Chimes That Require Zero Upkeep

These wind chimes have a gold-tone finish that will look expensive and seriously chic no matter where you hang them on your patio. These budget-friendly chimes are also a zero-effort decor piece after you hang them up because the chimes are corrosion-resistant, and the trendy wooden top is waterproof.


A Customizable Hose Attachment to Speed Up Watering the Garden

This garden hose attachment will make your backyard so much better because you actually won’t mind watering all of the greenery and flowers in your garden — and in turn, they’ll be much more lush. Instead of putting off watering chores, this attachment comes with eight spray settings and even water flow controls to spray down landscaping and outdoor plants super quickly.


A Soccer Goal Set That’s Easy to Fold up & Store

You’ll use this soccer goal set all the time because it’s so easy to pull it out at backyard bashes and fold it up whenever you want a clean lawn. The 3-foot wide design is perfect no matter how small your yard or patio is. This set even comes with easy-to-use stakes to keep it in place and, of course, a soccer ball.


A Self-Watering Planter With Spots for a Bunch of Different Patio Plants

This three-tier compact planter will give you a ton of spots for decorative plants, succulents, or even little herbs, no matter how small your outdoor area is. It comes with three stackable, self-watering pots, and each one has four mini planters for your favorite patio plants.


A Portable Solar Lantern to Illuminate Your Patio & Charge Your Phone

This pop-up LED lantern will save you from buying a pricey outdoor lamp, and it will still illuminate your cozy outdoor setup. It charges in the sun during the day with the solar panel in about four hours. It even has a spot to charge your phone while you’re relaxing outside.


This Plush Waterproof Camping Blanket for Extra Outdoor Seating

This plush camping blanket with a carrying case is a seriously quick way to add protective seating when you want to picnic in your yard. It’s made with waterproof nylon, so you can toss this quilted blanket on your patio or lawn — even if you ran the sprinklers right before your party.


This Stick-On Screen Door That’s a Best-Seller on Amazon

You’ll go outside to enjoy your patio way more often if you have this super easy-to-set-up screen door. It comes with hook-and-loop tape and push pins to quickly stick this durable screen on your door frame. It’s also lined with magnets at the center, so you can push right through it to carry food out when you’re hosting dinner parties.


A Wooden Ring Toss Game That You’ll Want to Leave Out & Play All the Time

This quick-to-set-up ring toss game honestly looks nice enough to leave out between all of your backyard gatherings, but it also comes with a compact carrying case if you prefer to tuck it away. Plus, the compact design still packs in five different ring-tossing posts and a bunch of durable plastic and woven rope rings for varying levels of difficulty.


This 12-Setting Sprinkler to Easily Take Care of Landscaping

You can completely avoid buying (and setting up) a ton of sprinklers all over your outdoor space if you simply grab this single budget-friendly sprinkler. It has a durable metal stake to pop it securely wherever you want in your yard, and it connects right to the garden hose you already have. It also has 12 different spray settings, so you can customize how this sprinkler waters all of your landscaping.


A Grill Cleaning Kit With 2 Super Strong Scrapers

This grill cleaning kit comes with two different and seriously durable scrapers, so you can quickly fix all of the griminess on the grates. The compact scraper has slots that will wrap around all of the grill grates, and the big scraper has a super dense brush attached to the bottom for scrubbing. Plus, these scrapers and even the brush are easy to clean.


These Extendable & Easy-To-Clean Roasting Sticks

This pack of roasting sticks is obviously a go-to if you love a good bonfire moment because they make roasting marshmallows and sausages a safer process, since they extend to 32 inches long. These wooden and stainless steel sticks are easy to wash, too — just put them in some warm, soapy water. They come in a heat-resistant zipper bag, so it’s easy to tuck these best-selling barbecue forks in your pantry until it’s bonfire time.


A Waterproof Power Strip That Stakes Into the Ground

This outdoor power strip makes it super easy to plug in all of your aesthetic outdoor string lights, speakers, or garden hoses, and they’ll actually look surprisingly tidy. It has a durable yard stake design, so you get three easy-to-access outlets with waterproof covers on each side.


This Aesthetic & Oversized Dice Game That’s Super Durable

This oversized yard dice game comes with chic light wood dice that are crack- and wear-resistant, no matter how many times they’re tossed around. You also get a bunch of scorecards to pass out with this take on a popular game, and it even comes with a storage bag.


A Mirrored Garden Spinner for Sparkly Patio Decor

This flower-shaped garden spinner will look so aesthetic whether you hang it on your patio or tuck it into greenery around your yard. The stainless steel has a glossy mirrored finish that’s perfect for catching the sun and creating some sparkly lighting in your outdoor space.


A 100% Cotton Outdoor Rug With a Classic Plaid Pattern

Made of 100% cotton, this outdoor rug can be swept with a vacuum cleaner or tossed in the washing machine, which makes maintaining it really easy. It comes in eight colors, all with a classic Buffalo plaid print, and a wide variety of sizes, which means you can use it as a doormat, patio rug, or anything in between — depending on your needs.


This Mildew-Free Garden Cleanup Bag With a 4.7-Star Rating on Amazon

This pop-up bag is completely tear-resistant, so you can stuff a bunch of branches, leaves, greenery clippings, and more in it without ripping it — especially because it holds 10 gallons at a time. The polyvinyl fabric is also mildew-resistant, in case you forget to empty out the weeds and leaves after cleaning up your yard. It’s also easy to zip it up flat when you finish your garden chores.


A Waterproof Flying Disc With LEDs & Customizable Settings

This waterproof flying disc is the best lawn game for nighttime backyard parties or fetch with your pup because it’s covered in 36 colorful LED lights. You can change up the brightness, so it’s always easy to see this rechargeable flying disc (which happens to have timer settings). It flashes to help you find it, and it even automatically turns off when you stop tossing it around the yard.


This Weather Resistant Grill Cover With an Extra-Secure Drawstring

Not only does this weather-resistant grill cover come with velcro straps to tighten around your grill, but it also has a built-in drawstring to make sure that it’s secure. The durable and tear-resistant Oxford cloth fabric is even dust-proof, so you won’t have to clean it off all the time.

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