The Future of Earth

The Future of Earth: Editor’s Letter

An Inverse special issue to celebrate Earth Day.

Dewey Saunders/Inverse; Getty Images
The Future of Earth

Dear Reader,

What does the Earth mean to you?

It is a simple question that barely anyone asks themselves. Is it home? A resource? Is it merely a blue marble in a vast universe where a few sentient beings got lucky (or unlucky) enough to realize they existed?

For most of the last decade, Inverse has taken a scientific approach to explaining culture and entertainment and a cultural and entertaining approach to science and technology. We like to think of ourselves as the stewards of our readers’ curiosity about their worlds — fictional and real. So in honor of Earth Day, we would like to propose the question slightly differently: What will Earth mean to you?

In our latest issue, The Future of Earth, we hope we offer a road map to at least starting to answer that question. Read all of the stories in the issue, and check back in for more reporting from the frontlines of our cosmos.

Welcome to The Future of Earth.

The Editors

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