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Episode #3: On Your Feet, Running Man

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Running and jogging comprise one of the most popular sports worldwide, and in the United States, some 18 million people registered for a road race in 2019, according to Running USA, a nonprofit. In the latest episode of The Abstract podcast, we explore the science of running with two stories — one about our foot and the other about the fuel that keeps our feet moving.

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Our first story fuels the ongoing debate over whether sports drinks and electrolyte supplements are overhyped for their ability to give athletes their edge. One study found that they don't do as much as we thought. Find out what you need to know about the best way runners can take care of their health — and why experts say to reach for a bag of potato chips instead of a Gatorade.

Our second story explains why you’re able to run in the first place — because of the transverse tarsal arch. We learn what makes our feet so uniquely human in what scientists are calling one of the most important studies on the foot.

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