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Will we live on Mars by 2050? SpaceX reveals a crucial design plan

Episode 8: Life on Mars

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The possibility of life on Mars has long been of great interest in astrobiology circles, largely because of the Red Planet’s similarities to our own planet.

Whether there ever was, or can ever be life on Mars, which is more than 95 million miles away, remains a mystery. But scientific study has nudged us closer and closer to the idea that, yes, Mars probably had life at one point. Whether it still does seems less likely, though far from impossible.

In this latest episode of The Abstract podcast from Inverse, we explore the idea of life on Mars.

Our first story is about SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s ambitious plans to build a city on Mars by 2050. However, in order to bring his vision to life, SpaceX needs to figure out one key challenge first — orbital refueling in space for the long journey. Could perfecting “gas stations for spaceships” help SpaceX come one step closer to a city on Mars?

Our second story attempts to answer another crucial question: Was there ever life on Mars to begin with? The latest research says scientists are finally coming closer to figuring out Mars’ water history — which always includes the somewhat likely scenario that if Mars had water, Mars had life.

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