Doctor Advances Personalized Learning With His Second Fast-Track Patent for the “Face of Safe AI”

AI study buddy offers emotional support and customized learning.

Written by Nick Kasmik
Dr. Michael Everest

The founder and chairman of edYOU Technologies, Dr. Michael Everest, has received not one but two fast-track patents for developing a new form of artificial intelligence. Everest calls it the “safe face of AI” and says it is revolutionizing learning and wellness for students in primary grades through graduate levels and into professional development. The cutting-edge technology provides wellness support by discussing feelings about life and providing solutions like highly personalized lesson plans and methods created for each student’s learning needs.

“As we continue to develop and grow this technology, we strive to make learning and wellness opportunities more interactive and accessible to everyone, no matter where they are,” says Everest. “The platform provides a unique one-on-one interactive experience, bridging the gap between students and learning institutions like never before.”

edYOU uses conversational AI technology to guide students’ learning process. This developing process works to provide personally customized educational plans in modes that work best for people with social anxiety disorder, neurodivergent people, or people for whom traditional learning methods are unprofitable or uncomfortable. edYOU strives to provide equal opportunities for people from different walks of life to pursue education and personal growth.

Everest calls his creations “AI beings” or, more familiarly, Hannah, Nova, and Eddie. Whether they’re acting as a “study buddy” or performing the highly sensitive duties of an Emotional Support Friend (ESF), edYOU’s AI beings are here for the learning and wellness needs of all.

“From our clients’ perspective, the edYOU ‘Safe AI’ program offers a unique and invaluable support system, especially for individuals dealing with challenges that make traditional learning environments overwhelming,” Everest says. “The non-judgmental atmosphere and interactive nature of the AI being, Nova, provides a comforting and encouraging experience.” edYOU's intelligent curation engines ensure a safe and reliable AI experience.

Everest earned a doctor of education degree from Liberty University and has more than 15 years of experience leading and developing innovative learning and wellness businesses and solutions that create global impact. He was inspired by his father, Dr. Edwin Everest, a medical doctor, to work in education and medicine. After Edwin Everest died in 2008, the family created a nonprofit in his memory. Everest says his father spurred him to help as many people as possible.

“My passion lies in helping humanity, providing a voice to the marginalized and disadvantaged,” he says. “By doing so, we have produced some of the best doctors, breaking barriers and creating opportunities for those who otherwise might not have had a chance.”

“I saw the need to level the playing field and address the significant global doctor shortage. To achieve this, I founded a foundation aimed at assisting medical graduates and created a pathway to give them a fair chance,” Everest says. “I have helped individuals from various backgrounds and regions, including those who graduated from medical schools in Ukraine. Many students face a lack of proper counseling and support from their schools, especially when they come from lesser-known institutions or when they belong to underrepresented communities.”

“Currently, we are in the process of obtaining the highest approval for an ongoing study to be conducted at a medical school,” Everest says. “I am also collaborating with Scholastic and HarperCollins Publishers to reach an agreement to expand the reach of this technology. It is designed to aid those who don’t fit the conventional support systems but still fall within specific parameters. My unique efforts involve initiating studies and challenging the traditional academic norms.”

At the intersection of Residents Medical and edYOU, Everest uses technology, compassionate people, and artificial intelligence to help diverse groups of people learn, grow, and find their passions in the world.

While Everest’s two businesses and one nonprofit foundation have a global outreach and worldwide purpose, Residents Medical, edYOU, and the Everest Foundation are based in West Los Angeles.

“With edYOU, it’s all about sharing knowledge, learning, and growing together without the pressure of social expectations or biases,” Everest explains. “This nurturing environment fosters confidence, allowing individuals to build their skills and self-assurance at their own pace. Such a supportive and inclusive platform can be incredibly empowering and help people thrive in a world where acceptance and understanding are sometimes hard to come by.”

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