Save Money While Going Green With Arcadia Power

It's worth going Green

arcadia power

When it comes to a massive global issue like our planet’s use of green energy sources, it’s easy to feel a little powerless. Unless you’re slapping solar panels on your roof or erecting your own wind turbine in the backyard, you probably just pay your energy bill and hope blindly that your local utility is doing the right thing, supporting renewable sources instead of fossil fuels.

We hate to break it to you, but that isn’t happening nearly enough.

Meanwhile, summer is settling in, straining energy grids and very likely also straining your wallet. Enter Arcadia Power, a free platform that allows you to actually contribute to the fight for clean power while watching your monthly energy costs drop.

When you sign up with Arcadia Power, you’ll link your local utility account — and that’s when the platform surges into go mode. They seek out solar and wind projects near you, buying renewable energy certificates in your name. Using the collective might of their 300,000+ member network, Arcadia Power negotiates lower energy rates in states with open energy markets while matching your monthly usage with clean energy.

Each month, you’ll see your regular energy bill total as well as the amount of clean energy purchased on your behalf. And while you watch your carbon footprint shrink month after month, Arcadia Power stays vigilant, checking your area for cost-saving programs and energy-efficient fixes like smart home tech that can actually lower your bill.

Arcadia Power is committed to making clean energy work for the planet and your bank account. To prove it, new members are eligible for an immediate $20 energy bill credit when you open your free account.

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