Mixmax Transforms Gmail Into a Powerful Productivity Hub

Use one-click templates and schedule meetings from your inbox


At the start of every day, millions of people grab a coffee, take a sip, and open Gmail. This increasingly popular email platform is easy to use, and packed with great features for handling the daily deluge of unread messages. But when it comes to taking action on those emails, Gmail leaves you hanging.

Mixmax is an easy-to-install Gmail add-on that turns Gmail into a productivity hub. Instead of opening multiple apps and exporting data, this add-on lets you schedule meetings and close sales right inside your inbox. The streamlined workflow can literally save you hours each week and you can start using it for just $9.

Created by the original author of Gmail on mobile and a team of talented developers, Mixmax integrates perfectly with Gmail and is super easy on the eyes (no surprise there). The list of features is extensive, with tools that will benefit entrepreneurs, sales reps, customer support and account management teams, recruiters and anyone else with a constant flow of emails, a need to schedule a lot of meetings and generally wants to automate the manual tasks associated with outbound communication.

For instance, Mixmax lets you track emails with read receipts — much like Messenger or WhatsApp messages. This means you know when leads have opened your emails, and when to follow up. You can then schedule messages to be sent at the perfect time, and create beautiful templates with a couple of clicks.

How It Helps for Sales

For sales teams, Mixmax offers a range of advanced tools to make your job easier. With the plugin installed, you can easily set up drip campaigns right inside Gmail instead of using a third party app. Mixmax also offers tight integration with Salesforce (and Pipedrive), so you can sync your leads and lists, and edit records in Salesforce without leaving Gmail. You can even centrally manage all your tasks and call prospects without leaving your inbox.

Similarly, Mixmax’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you send InMail and Connection requests from your Gmail inbox. You can also check out the profile of any contact and schedule InMail in advance.

Making Managing Tasks & Events Easier Than Ever

Anyone with a busy schedule will especially appreciate the One Click Meetings feature in Mixmax. When you send an email, you simply select the dates and times you have available and the recipient can choose from the time slots with a click. Once both parties are agreed on a time, the meeting is automatically added to your calendar so it doesn’t slip your mind.

The plugin also adds a range of useful tools to Gmail’s compose window, including polls, social media previews, video, call to action buttons, giphy, Dropbox and Drive file attachments, SMS contact forms, and even surveys.

How to Get Mixmax

The best part is that Mixmax is extremely affordable. The Starter plan, which includes all the core features, costs just $9 per month. You can upgrade to access shared scheduling and templates, performance reports, team-based tools, and more.

If you already spend half of your working life in Gmail, this app is definitely worth a try.

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