Get Six Sigma Project Management Training for Just $30

That's a smart investment in getting a raise.


The Details:

  • Master Six Sigma techniques for business process improvement.
  • Understand how to mediate between customers and stakeholders.
  • Learn DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) methods.

Why You Want It: If you can demonstrate an ability to improve company processes and efficiency, you’re already halfway to getting that new position or promotion. Six Sigma methodologies are tried and true, and this bundle preps you for certs in the area so you can get a leg up on your game.

The Deal: This bundle includes 180+ hours of instruction and expertise, and generally comes with a predictably high price tag to match. Luckily, The Inverse Shop is running a 98% off deal right now, dragging the $2075 MSRP down to only $29.99 out the door.

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