The Utlimate Tool for the Perfect Wifi Connection

Manage Multiple Networks, Find Your Weakest & Strongest Access Points, Solve Connection Issues


The Details:

A complete solution for managing networks.

  • Visualize network signal strength across the area and identify dead-zones.
  • Use the troubleshoot function to solve connectivity issues.
  • View unlimited access points simultaneously.
  • Group access points into custom categories for easy reference.
  • Create and download network reports.

Why You Want It: There are few things more annoying than when you need the internet to work perfectly for that important Skype call, email, or work-related research, and it tanks. Not only does NetSpot allow you to minimize the chance this will happen with a specialized troubleshooting function, but it also allows you to visualize dead-zones for peak hotspot and device placement.

The Deal: This was already on sale at 72% off the $68 MSRP at The Inverse Shop, but right now you can get an even better deal when you use the MADNESS15 code on checkout for an additional 15% off, bringing the total down to just $58 out the door.

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