Discover the Deceptively Simple Multi-Tool That Could Save Your Life

...and save 18 percent!


The Details:

  • Cuts stubborn seat belts you can’t unbuckle.
  • Breaks through windows with one tap.
  • 130-lumen flashlight that can also be used as a red distress beacon.
  • Integrated 2200 mAH battery to charge your devices.

Why You Want It: We’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring the statistics in the service of practical needs, but the fact is that you could have a bad car accident tomorrow. The Rescue A6 multi-tool provides a variety of functions for escape and survival in the event of a crash or other emergency. You’ll be glad you have it if the time comes.

The Deal: Any tool that could save your life is worth the investment. Plus, you get 18% off when you nab this on The Inverse Shop right now, bringing the total from $26.95 to $21.95 out the door.

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