The Smart Home Item That's Essential to Protecting Your Home

Record And Keep 24/7 Tabs Via App

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The Details:

  • Full DVR for all 8 cameras.
  • 1080p footage lets you pick out facial details, license plate numbers, and other key information.
  • All-weather cameras for outside placement.
  • Night Vision capable.
  • Motion detection tech with tied email alerts and smartphone notifications.
  • Enough storage to record 24/7 for up to 30 days.

Why You Want It: Whether you’re worried about the valuables you have stored in the shed, or the safety of your children while you’re away, having a smartphone-accessible surveillance system can be incredibly useful. This Loocam is an HD 8-camera package complete with DVR and other top-tier features at a price you can actually stomach.

The Deal: This is a lot of advanced hardware, but the MSRP is less than you might expect at $299. Head over to Inverse right now and get 16% off for a total walk-away price of only $249.99.

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