Forget the Apple Pad, This Wireless Pad Is a Fast Charge for a Great Price

You can't beat the price and the quality

Stack Commerce

The Details:

  • Adapts with fast-charging mode to reduce Qi-enabled smartphone sessions by 30 minutes.
  • Auto-adjusts for efficiency depending on Android or iPhone usage.
  • Protects against overvoltage & overheating, plus auto-senses foreign objects.

Why You Want It: Nobody likes wires, and this charging station nixes them completely. The Apple-inspired pad also looks and feels fantastic, not to mention cuts 30 minutes off your standard juice-up time for Qi-enabled Androids and iPhones.

So you can get a state of the art charger that actually cuts time off your charging? What’s better than that? And let’s face it: it looks much better on your desk or nightstand rather than a long cord jutting out from the wall.

The Deal: The MSRP runs at $39.99, but Inverse has a deal going where you can snag one for just $26.99 on 32% discount. Considering the tech and build quality of this piece, that’s a steal. This is also a steep discount from the competition which sells their wireless chargers for up to $50 dollars. This is nearly half the price for the same quality on a faster charge. It’s everything you could want in an accessory for your phone.

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