Soothe What Ails Your Pup With Bacon CBD Oil

You gotta let them try this

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The Details:

  • Helps with anxiety, arthritis, and other medical conditions
  • Bacon-flavored oral treatment that dogs can’t get enough of
  • Different sizes made for small, medium, or large dogs
  • 100 percent natural

Why You Want It: CBD has been heralded as a miracle treatment, providing the same anxiety-reducing effects that THC is famed for without the psychoactive high. If you’ve got a pup that tends to be anxious or has aches and pains from an illness or injury, Pet CBD Oil can help the pooch relax and lead a higher quality life.

The Deal: Usually $49.99, you can currently pick up a bottle made for large dogs at only $31.99 after 36 percent off on The Inverse Shop. Options for medium and small dogs are $24.99 and $22.99 after 37 percent and 23 percent off respectively.

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