5 Reasons to Use an All-Inclusive Security Product Like Total AV

There are more reasons than you think

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While it seems like there’s a digital security solution for pretty much every threat that pops up online these days, there’s also a brand-new virus or hacking technique that emerges, compromising everyone’s security each time we go online. Instead of subscribing to a series of applications that might only offer piecemeal protection in one field of protection — for example, a tool that scans for malware and a VPN that encrypts your traffic — check out comprehensive security solutions like Total AV, that protects all your devices (yes, all of them), even if they run off different operating systems.

Total AV simplifies the way you think about protecting your devices, without sacrificing any of the robustness you’d expect from security solutions. No matter what device you’re using and what you’re using it for, you can rest assured that your information and digital security is in good hands.

Here are five reasons why you want to use an all-inclusive app like Total AV:

1. Cross-System Protection

Whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, you want to know that the sensitive information you’re transmitting across those devices is safe. Total AV offers cross-device, cross-system, cross-platform protection, making it the perfect choice for people who use both Macs and PCs.

2. Device Optimization

We spend a lot of money on our devices, so it’s only natural to want to extend their longevity. Instead of bloating your smartphone or laptop with multiple security apps, just use Total AV. This app reduces your startup time, speeds up your high CPU program running times, increases disk space and memory, and even increases battery life by reducing the number of background processes you’re running.

3. Powerful Antivirus

It might seem like we hear about a new malware or spyware daily that can destroy all your files and give hackers access to your personal data. Luckily, Total AV offers daily virus definition updates, real-time antivirus protection and delivers an outstanding virus detection rate. It even helps prevent companies from aggressively targeting you with annoying marketing ploys thanks to anti-adware.

4. Encrypted Browsing

VPNs are powerful tools that encrypt all the data you’re sending out each time you connect to the internet — it helps you look like any other anonymous user on the web, so you can browse in privacy. Total AV incorporates VPN services for safe browsing, securing your Wi-Fi connections (even the public ones) and your internet experience across all your devices. Usually, you’d have to pay for a VPN separately — but Total AV includes VPN services with their offerings.

5. Extra Security Enhancements

Total AV doesn’t just stop at the the security solutions you might be familiar with: it adds on the most cutting-edge techniques to help their users, including a Password Vault to securely store passwords, ID protection to monitor if someone else is trying to use your sensitive personal information and Safe Site to block harmful URLs.

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