Getting Quality AirPod Alternatives Has Never Been Easier or Cheaper

These wireless earbuds are worth it

The question is pretty simple: do you want to earbuds that give you great sound quality, twice the playback time for 1/3rd of the price?

We know that AirPods are a hot item and will appear on a lot of Christmas lists but why spend $160 dollars for an item that you can get for far less that delivers great playback time.

The Fireflies True Wireless Earbuds are only $54.99 and they are designed to keep up with you throughout the day. These earbuds last for up to 10 hours of playback time. That means they should last you through your commuting and the workday all without needing a recharge.

Fireflies True Wireless Earbuds

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These awesome earbuds are constructed to withstand the sweat and movement of a workout as well as the moments we make through our everyday. Airpods might be the more well known brand but they don’t have the full package like the Fireflies.

Of all the reasons to pick up a pair, the price might be the driving factor there. For only $54.99 you’re saving well over $100 dollars on the high priced Apple model.

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