A Bluetooth Minimalist Wallet That Makes Sense

They really have thought of everything.

There’s a few reasons I was drawn to the Eskster Senate Card Holder & Card Tracker:

  1. The cards are separated and accessible. If you’ve ever had a minimalist wallet you’d know that the advantage of space and size are offset by the inconvenience of having to dig and tug for the card you want.
  2. It’s got bluetooth tracking in the wallet. This means that no matter how slim that wallet is you won’t have to worry about losing it. You can track it from your smartphone.
  3. The extras. It’s got RFID blocking to keep your cards from being hacked and it’s got extra storage for cash and coin.

Ekster Senate Card Holder


The people at Eskster have attempted to solve the problems most people have with their miminalist wallets. From space to trace and from storage and more they have tried to come up with everything to make sure that they bring you a best in class wallet that will last a long time.

If you’re looking for any other reason to get this wallet, here’s one: price. This wallet normally sells for $69.98 but this week it’s on sale for 35% off. That’s almost $25 dollars off the retail price. That’s a steal for a wallet that covers all of the bases and should last for many years. If you’re thinking about a perfect gift for someone this Christmas, this could be just the right fit.

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