These Gloves Are Sure to Keep You Warm All Winter

Never complain about your hands being cold again


The key to keeping warm in the winter is making sure three places are covered: hands, feet and head. While the hands and feet usually come down to how fashionable you think you need to be, what you put on your hands to keep them warm usually comes down to a matter of function.

Most people don’t want to give up their ability to watch those can’t-miss Instagram stories of their friends cat with the Superzoom. This is a bad choice. Forget the inconvenience of having to wait to find out what your friend was watching on TV last night and get gloves that actually get the job done and keep you warm.

The Spark Gloves are some of the warmest gloves we browsed for this holiday season. These gloves feature a full goat leather shell, a Black Diamond insert and a fleece interior lining, these are made to keep those digits warm.

These gloves are ideal if you’re spending time on the slopes so you know they’ll work just as well if you’re walking to work. While you can’t whip through your email with these gloves on, they feature enough dexterity to allow you to do simple things like hold a cup of coffee, a snowboard or your phone.

Normally retailing at 59.98, these gloves are now 25% off for the holidays. This is a great buy if you live in cold conditions or plan on spending any time there. These are ideal for temps in 10-30F so they’ll keep you warm throughout the winter.

Think of the warmth. Instagram can wait.

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