Sunday Lectures: Friend Zoning, Pentaquarks, and Testosterone

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The Scientific Truth About the Friend Zone

Being in the friend zone sucks. It’ll probably still suck after watching this video, but at least you’ll have a rational explanation for it. Also, maybe you’ll stop using that term, which also sucks in its own way.

Predicting AI

Here, Stuart Armstrong of Oxford’s epically named Future of Humanity Institute discusses the extreme risks and possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Sixty Symbols

This week, the LHC’s discovery of a new particle — the pentaquark — was eclipsed by all the excitement about Pluto. Here’s a rundown on the pentaquark and why its discovery should’ve gotten more attention.

Low Testosterone

This video explains everything you ever wanted to know about testosterone and men’s health — and then some.

Human-Climate Interactions and Evolution: Past and Future

UCLA’s Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny, or “CARTA,” series presents a multidisciplinary to the origins of humanity. This episode looks at how climate shaped human evolution and includes paleoclimatologists Jeff Severinghaus, William Ruddiman, and Charles Kennel of the Centre for Science and Policy.

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