The 10 Cheekiest Statements at the March for Science

Hey, scientists can be funny, too.

A group of people at the March for Science with a large poster and the Obelisk in the background in ...
Tanya Basu

Like any good protest, rally, and march in the tumultuous, volatile year that has been 2017 thus far, the March for Science was chock full of people with handmade signs with clever clapbacks in defense of science. And despite pouring rain that threatened to make these elaborate magic marker masterpieces run, science supporters of all kinds came out in full force with signs that proudly rocked double entendres, political “oh no she didn’t!”s, and earnest appeals to protect science and therefore, humanity.

Here are some signs that withstood pouring rain and made cheeky statements that engendered the occasional chuckle, the raised eyebrow, and/or the snide reference to high school chemistry class.

Tanya Basu

T. Rex or T. Rump?

Despite pleas from organizers to maintain a non-partisan stance, protestors brought their snarkiest hurls yet, aimed toward President Donald Trump.

Tanya Basu

Not Sure What Chemical Compound This Is …

Featuring the original science bro, Einstein(ium).

Tanya Basu

“Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy!”

Among a crowd of Ms. Frizzle cosplayers was this callback to the red-haired one’s mantra for scientific exploration.

Tanya Basu

Do it for the Bears

Don’t mess with this polar bear.

Tanya Basu

What About Them?!

Polar bears, in fact, had quite the representation on the grounds.

Tanya Basu


Spotted: An alternate option if flat-Earthers tire of their preferred shape.

Do You Even Ohm?

Another electrifying pun.

Tanya Basu

It’s That Simple

A shy defender of science has a simple message.

Tanya Basu

Scientific Funding is Going the Way of the Dinosaurs

It’s not quite a sign, but this is a surefire way to get people to pay attention to science: Remind them with a growling dinosaur and his posse warning onlookers that we’ll be heading to the land before time if we keep defunding science.

Four Score and Seven Atmospheres Ago

Another not-quite-a-sign moment, but even Honest Abe seems to be on the side of science.

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