Study Reveals What Your Car Color Says About You

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Driving a red car? You might want to watch your temper. A new survey from motor retailer JCT600 found that car drivers have very particular assumptions about their fellow motorists, based solely on what color car they drive.

The firm asked 1,000 drivers in the U.K. what their favorite color of car was, what they thought each color represented, and how those choices could affect motorists’ behavior on the road.

The firm claims these trends have a direct impact on the car market, which in turn influences manufacturers.

“There has been a huge upsurge in the popularity of white cars over the past few years, and this data suggests 18-24-year-olds may be responsible for that trend,” said Charlotte Murray, JCT600’s head of digital marketing.

Some of the results are fascinating. Pink cars are most likely to receive a speeding ticket, while silver car owners are trustworthy. Here’s what your car says about you, according to JCT600’s research:

Black: You’re driving a very attractive car there. Around 22 percent said black car drivers were more attractive, topping the list of colors, with 23 percent of women listing black car drivers as most attractive. Overall, it was respondents’ favorite car color, and drivers of the cars were described as “ambitious,” “intelligent,” “charming,” but also “selfish.”

Silver: People trust you, apparently. Respondents ranked silver car drivers as the most trustworthy and placed them fifth on the list of happiest car drivers, with 27 percent saying they were happy.

White: You’re very popular with younger people. Of respondents aged 18-24, 40 percent listed white as their favorite color, and 36 percent said their drivers were most attractive.

Brown: Congratulations! You’re driving the saddest, most unattractive car color! A staggering 23 percent of respondents said they thought drivers in brown cars were the least attractive, and 30 percent thought brown car drivers were the least happy, topping the list. You’re also the second most likely color to get involved in a minor driving accident, with close relative beige topping the list of cars likely to have a major accident, according to the respondents. Respondents used words like “grumpy” and “unkind” to describe brown car drivers. Hopefully, you got a good deal if you bought used!

Red: Most men said red car drivers were the most attractive, and the group topped the list of drivers ranked by happiness. Respondents described them as both “adventurous” and “angry.”

Is the driver of this red car adventurous? 

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Pink: You are the most likely to receive a speeding ticket, but people think you’re funny! Around 27 percent of pink car owners received a speeding ticket in the last five years, and the color was the third most likely to be involved in a minor accident. However, people were most likely to describe pink car owners as funny, and 30 percent thought they were the happiest drivers.

Yellow: People think you’re happy! Around a third of people said yellow car drivers were happiest, but they also topped the list of car colors most likely to have a minor accident. Oops!

Blue: You’re very popular with older people. Blue ranked high on the list of over-55s’ favorite car color, and respondents described them as “considerate,” “kind” and “loyal.”

Green: Don’t get on your bad side! Green car drivers are fourth most likely to experience road rage, with 38 percent saying they experience it. You’re also in the group of drivers most likely to describe themselves as “impulsive.”

Whatever color car you drive, it’s important to remember that what’s inside is all that matters. And most of these points will be moot in a few short years, when autonomous cars mean all of the stigma of road rage and aggressive driving will vanish entirely, even if you buy a red Tesla.

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